7 Ways To Overcome Fear And Anxiety

The world in which we live today can understandably be perceived as a scary place to live. Intense energies of hatred, anger, and violence have become an everyday occurrence. Each day we’re bombarded with news of wars and rumors of wars, and numerous accounts of bizarre behavior, not only from humans but from the weather as well.


Then we have our own lives, seemingly unraveling and out of control. And so we medicate with food, sex, tv, work, and drugs (legal and illegal) in the hope of just getting through another day alive. Our bodies and minds kick into survival mode, and anxieties set in.


Does it have to be this way? Of course not. Changes can be made at any given moment in time. So what can we do to free ourselves from these impending anxieties? Here are 7 healthy and practical ways to unplug and overcome this global plague called “chronic stress”.


  • Stop allowing the bad news in. Easier said than actually doing it. Right? Especially when we’re connected through phone alerts, large digital displays, radios, tvs, and just day-to-day conversations. But we do have control over what we let in. Make it a conscious effort to stop the flow of negativity by turning off all media alerts, or at least the ones that focus on negative news. Choose what you watch. Why watch the news when you can watch a movie that will make you laugh instead? There are a number of platforms available that allows us to watch anything we want at any given time. Watch a comedy, something inspirational, or a cute animal vid to help shift your energy into a better space. The choice is always yours to make.


  • This may be difficult to do but stop discussing current events with others. Find a fail-proof, go-to when you find yourself being pulled into a conversation about “the latest”. If you can refrain from talking about the topic all together then do so. But if you find yourself unable to escape then have a positive experience to share instead, or just simply express the truth. “Oh, really? Oh my! No, I haven’t heard about (topic) and to be honest, I really don’t want to know”. Keep it sweet or cut it short.



  • Eliminate foods treated with antibiotics and other chemicals. Buy organic instead. Prescribed antibiotics are also known to destroy the healthy gut flora (good bacteria needed for healthy digestion) when taken for extended periods of time. Drinking water with high levels of chlorine also kills the good bacteria and the much-needed enzymes that live in the digestive system. Studies have uncovered that when the pH balance of the digestive tract is disturbed the onset of anxiety, depression, and even bipolar do occur. Read other articles related to gut health/mental health connection. 
  • Find a way to slow down. Meditate by candlelight while sitting in a lotus position with eyes closed, and in total silence. Or, meditate by candlelight while relaxing in the tub and listening to your favorite music with a glass of wine. Whatever it takes to slow the mental chatter and to open your channels to receive that steady flow of vital energy, do it. Set aside some time of at least 2 to 3 days out of every week to slow down and receive. Over time you’ll discover so much more about yourself and what you’re capable of.


  • Breathe. Simple enough, right? Not really. Many of us aren’t aware that most of the time we hold our breath. Instead of allowing the vital life force of oxygen to flow freely in and through our bodies, we stifle it even if it’s only for a few seconds. As often as you can, make a conscious effort to breathe deeply and slowly. Breathing deeply and slowly is essential to dispersing oxygen evenly throughout the body’s bloodstream.


  • Understand that everything is communicating with one another. Our bodies have trillions of cells and each of these cells sends and receives information to one another, as well as the universe. Your body listens to every thought and feeling it receives. If you’re worrying and feeling bad most of the time, the cells of your body will receive that information, eventually forming into the matter a reflection of the information received. Positive affirmations will retrain the thinking, causing new connections and neuronal pathways to form. Positive affirmations will also generate a new cellular signature pattern in the body, reflecting the body’s new programming it’s being consistently given.  Learn some positive affirmations or create some of your own, say them every day, and as many times throughout the day as you can remember. You can focus on one or several, it doesn’t matter. What is guaranteed is that you will notice a positively profound shift begin to take place in your life. Take this 21-day challenge.


“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.” – George Washington Carver


  • Get out into nature. Take a walk in the woods, at a park, or around the block. Just like meditation, taking a walk in the fresh air among plants and animals is a great way to slow down and open your channels to sending and receiving universal data. While walking remembers to take deep and slow breaths and say to yourself some positive affirmations.


Do you do any or all of these to overcome anxiety? Do you have a technique of your own you’d like to share that’s not listed here? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.  And keep visiting to receive more tips and tools for a healthy, stress-free lifestyle!


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