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As founder of Flower of Life Coach, I can happily say that I am ultimately molding my passion of growing in my own spirituality, studying metaphysics all the while incorporating life’s wonderful experiences into truly motivating others as a Spirit Health Coach.  

As a teenager and even as an adult, I have always made it a conscious effort to ask questions, to look for more meaning out of life, and to never settle for the status quo. Watching my parents work hard only to see them both die young had caused me (at age 21) to want to desperately understand life from a deeper level. And what I’ve truly come to understand throughout the years is that life doesn’t begin here in this world, nor does it end here. That all things here in this physical state have an ethereal beginning (thought), and we too come into existence in the same way.  It is my deep understanding that if we’ve existed somewhere else before materializing here on this planet then we will continue to exist even after we’ve de-materialized from it.

FoL Mission


Throughout my experiences, I have become a firm believer of living out your dreams, whatever they may be.  But I also believe that in order to live your dreams successfully, one has to know how to dream successfully.  To simply just want it is not enough, but to see its end result and to live it out emotionally is key.

Knowing that the emotional component to creating an exciting life is just as important as the thinking of it makes life feel as though it is an adventure instead of the hum-drum, “life is happening to me” perception we have come to have of it. Once we come to realize that our spirit, as well as everything else here on Earth, is made up of the same eternal, transforming energy that is in a continuous state of creating many universes, we will come to understand that we, too, are always in that same state of expansion.

One of my dreams is to share with the masses this simplistic approach to life. To see others become the best version of themselves and to be, easily, the innate co-creators we’ve ALL come to Earth to be. I believe the only reason why we are here is to solely remember that happiness is always ours to experience, if we so choose it, and not just simply something to be attained.

      Best wishes on your life-empowering journey!                 

                        – Adrienne Lea Daniels,

                                         Flower of Life Coach

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