As founder of Flower of Life Coach, Adrienne Daniels has ultimately molded her passion of growing in her own spirituality and the studying of metaphysics, all while incorporating life’s wonderful experiences into truly motivating others as a Self-Empowerment Coach.  

An Intrinsic Passion to be of Service

Capturing the Magic of the Universe





Adrienne Daniels is a firm believer of living out one’s dreams, whatever they may be.  But she also believes that in order to do that successfully, one has to know how to dream successfully.  That to simply just want it is not enough, but to see its end result and to live it out emotionally is key.

 Her dream is to be able to reach the masses with this simplistic approach to life.  To see others become the best version of themselves and to be, easily, the innate co-creators they came to Earth to be. She believes the only reason why we are here is to solely remember that happiness is always ours to experience, if we so choose it, and not just simply something to be attained.