Creating Your Best Life Imaginable!

Thoughts and Emotions Do Create Things


What can you imagine? If anything at all in this world were possible, what would you do, be, or have?  Would you take a trip to the nearest planet?  Become the first 3D Food Printer Engineer? Or, have the first existing, realistic avatar that will join you for dinner, carry on a conversation with friends and family members, and serve in as a stand-in for you at meetings? Twenty years ago, concepts such as these were considered fantasies, if they were considered at all.  Today, they are discussed as possibilities, and some are even in design as we speak.   read more



Tired Of Low Paying Jobs? Start Making Money From Home

We all could not be living in a more intelligent time than today. The ‘Information Age’ as we now know it has given us more opportunities to make, in an instant, connections with our family, friends, teachers, doctors, you name it. Everything and everyone is right at our fingertips. So, is it any wonder that we, too, now have immediate access to creating a means to earning an awesome living right from the comfort our own homes?  read more




Journey Into The World Of Healing Energy Frequency

Since everything here on Earth is literally energy in motion, it may also be safe to say that our health, too, is in constant fluctuation depending on, of course, where our energy signature vibrates. The higher the frequency our energy vibrates, the healthier our bodies will be. This is no longer speculation, as experts are now understanding the connection between the pulsating, rhythmic pattern of our living planet and the well-being of all life.   read more




10 Powerful Affirmations That Will Shift Your Life!




Take the 21 Day Challenge! Say (out loud) these and do these affirmations for 21 days, and watch your life transform!  read more



How You Can Be Selfish And Happy

If you are like most people, being told to be selfish may cause you to feel a bit uncomfortable. After all, thinking only of yourself is, well…selfish? But let’s be honest with ourselves by asking some necessary questions. Are you here for someone else’s happiness, or for your happiness? 

Since it is virtually impossible to live from another’s perspective, from whose perspective then can you live from? You are your own best advocate. If you won’t put yourself first in your own life, who will?  read more



You Couldn’t Wait To Come Here To Create


When I was child I couldn’t wait to grow up and do all of the things adults could do. Adults could do anything they wanted, I thought. So, why did so many of them seem so unhappy? I made a promise to myself that once I became an adult I would do all of the things that I wanted, and be happy.   read more



Raising Fifth Dimensional Children In A Shifting Three Dimensional World

Teaching By Example

Son: “See it is our thoughts that create our beliefs then it is our beliefs that dictate our behavior. Our behavior then create our experiences and our experiences then create more thoughts, and it just goes on and on….”

I look up from a letter I’m reading from my son’s school, informing me of his poor academic performance . I just stare at him for a little while, eyes blinking occasionally. I wonder for just a second if maybe the school could actually be mistaken about this young man standing in front of me. Thought provoking conversations like this between me and my son were common around our house, and I am to believe he’s failing school .   read more




How To Work Less And Achieve More

Quite frankly, as we continue to understand more about how the Universe operates, we’ll see clearly how less physical work and more spiritual work do generate more income and an overall means of support for one’s well being.

Through experience, we’ll come to notice that the less we think on thoughts of fear, the less we will react to them. When we intentionally filter through mental thoughts and choose the ones that make us feel good, the means to making money opens.   read more




   Fun Is Why You Are Here

Imagine coming to the understanding that your only purpose of existence here on Earth is to have crazy FUN! That’s it! Nothing else! You are here to have a ton of fun and just be happy. Wouldn’t knowing that cause you to perceive life differently?  read more





How Life Coaching Can Help

Over the past two decades, Life Coaching has definitely made its mark in the healthcare profession, and today it is still growing into a very prominent and beneficial business. Unlike therapy, coaching of any kind allows its clients to find within themselves the answers usually sought after. read more





The Symbolism of The Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry at its finest

Interest in the mystic Flower of Life has increased substantially among the public over the past 5-7 years. Even though its symbolism has been around practically since the beginning of time, the search for what it is exactly and its meaning have begun to quickly permeate the minds of many. Known also as the Seed of Life, this image has gained its significance due to its literal appearance in everything found here on Earth.     read more




Align With Flow And Achieve Your Dreams

Open up to the Stream of Well Being

 When people speak of being in “flow”, intuitively it means that things come easy in life. There’s no stress in trying to figure things out, nor is there stress in trying to make things happen. The solutions and all collaborative components “flow” into a person’s experience unimpeded. This dynamic feels good. It feels good because being in “flow” means that we’re ultimately in-sync with the Stream of Well-Being.   read more


The Medicinal Benefits of Meditation

Find out how meditation a day does keep the doctor away

I was never really big on meditating in the traditional sense, sitting in a lotus position with eyes closed and breathing in and out ever so slowly. Meditating came in the form of me sitting up in bed upon waking and simply just pondering on how I intended my day to unfold. In the evening, it was reflecting on how my day went. In either case, I was being quiet and still.             read more

Is Life Really An Illusion

Imagine life being the dream and death is our waking up from it.

It’s interesting growing up singing certain songs that, as children,  are simply just fun to sing but aren’t given much thought as to what the lyrics of some of these songs really mean. 

“Row, row, row your boat,

gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

life is but a dream.”

Life is but a dream. Really? Could we really be existing in

a great big, dreaming Mind?           read more