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eCommerce and affiliate marketing business

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 As the internet continues to expand in the world of business, so does our options as to how to make money with it. The most common options-to-date for making money online is affiliate marketing and e-commerce/drop shipping. Here in this article, I will attempt to explain the two business marketing platforms, the “do’s” and “do not’s” of getting started, and how to make your e-commerce/drop shipping and/or affiliate marketing website a big success.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is partnering with companies to help sell their products via advertisement, website, and/or social media. When you agree to be an affiliate for a company, you are agreeing to sell their product for a % commission in return. Often people who do this usually have already a subscriber base where they either email to their subscribers periodically and solicit that way, place a banner and link on their own website to promote the product, and/or place an advertisement of the product with Google Ads, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms linked to a landing page to their website and receive a commission once someone purchases that product. 

Partnering as an affiliate can be inexpensive because there are (usually) no membership fees nor upfront products to buy. What companies normally require the interested partner do is subscribe to their product site, and in return, the affiliate is granted access to their links and banners, email promotion scripts, drips, etc. A lot of them will also send tips and other useful information to help the affiliate succeed in selling their product. When a product is sold, everything is taken care of on the end of the company. The affiliates only job is to collect the commission which is usually alerted to the affiliate by either email or their affiliate dashboard, and payment is made via Paypal account or check.

Becoming an affiliate partner is usually free to join. In many cases, you can type into the search engine “company name/affiliate” and the link provided will take you to the company affiliate’s page where you will be instructed to join.

Once you’ve entered the company’s portal, you will gain access to their promotional images, banners, links, and tools that can be embedded into your website. To learn more about how to become a successful affiliate marketer, subscribe to affiliate marketing educators, Clickbank University or Wealthy Affiliate   .

What Is e-Commerce/Drop Shipping?

E-Commerce/Drop shipping is a little different compared to affiliate marketing. With both, you do not need to store real, physical products, nor need to worry about spending any upfront money for inventory. You are strictly just the promoter who will advertise the product via your website, advertisements and/or social media. What makes e-commerce/drop shipping and affiliate marketing different is that when you partner with a drop shipping company you are often charged a one-time, monthly, or yearly membership fee ranging from $20-$150 or more, depending on the company. 

What also sets e-commerce/drop shipping apart from affiliate marketing is that instead of only using banners and promotional links to promote a product on your website, you will be encouraged to set up your own products page. To set up your products page, simply copy and paste or upload an image of the item you wish to sell along with the item’s description, weight, price, and “add to cart” or “buy now” button(s). You will be solely responsible for setting the prices of the item, its taxes, and shipping. When a customer has placed an order on your website you will need to place the same order on the company’s website that you are promoting. Once the company has received your order, it will take care of all of the shipping to your customer with the name of your company, logo, and address on the product label.

To make things a lot easier for those who wish to drop ship, there are several pre-designed, e-commerce stores such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly, Squarespace among others that have already built in product pages, cart, checkout, as well as a smooth transitional set up that automatically uploads the products from drop shipping companies onto your website. And when a customer orders from your website it automatically registers the purchases being made from your website to the drop shipping company’s website. Again, the drop shipping company will ship all products to your customer with your company name, logo, and address on the product label. 

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How Do I Select The Perfect Affiliate And Drop Shipping Products For My Website?

Just like most things in life is trial and error, finding the perfect affiliate and drop shipping products can also come with a lot of trial and error, especially if you are expecting to get rich off of just the concept of finding products online to sell. In order to prevent yourself from experiencing a quick burnout, find out which niche market you are most passionate about, create your website and fill it with wall-to-wall content related to your niche, increase traffic to your site then choose your products once you’ve established your brand. From there, you can make better choices that will ultimately get you closer to selecting the perfect affiliate and drop shipping products for your website.

Having a website where you’ll be selling affiliate and drop shipping products requires a lot of work and if you are not passionate about what you do then most likely you won’t be passionate about the products either.  Customers can usually tell when your sole aim is just to sell them something or if you’re genuinely wanting to help in some way when you are sharing a product. So if you are investing your time into trying to get others convinced about a product that you yourself are not convinced about, you will become very frustrated about your business and simply give it all up. 

How To Turn A Passion To A Profit

Once you’ve found the niche that you are passionate about and you are continuously creating lots of informative content, you are learning the ends and outs of marketing to increase your website’s traffic, you are establishing your brand, you are choosing the right fit and feel of a product to promote instead of choosing it just because it is a product. It is now extremely important to learn how to master the art of writing persuasive copy.

As a Spirit Health Coach, I’ve found a lot of useful products on the internet that has helped me along my travels of self-discovery that I also love sharing with my community. Everything that you see here on my website is a deep, rooted passion of mine and passion is a very important energy current to have in place if you want any business to be a success. But passion alone does not help develop in me the skill of being an effective copywriter. So, while I’ve set out to learn how to write great, effective copy, I’ve also compiled a list of 10 tips and tools that has helped me learn how to write persuasive copy that has ultimately helped to grow my business from making $200 a month extra earned income to making $1,000 a month and growing. But first, before I share with you the secrets to the universe, allow me to explain a little about what “copywriting” actually is.

What Is Copywriting?

I see copywriting as a learned form of writing that is designed to influence the reader to want to learn more about a service or product. Usually (but not always) good copywriting begins with “why” the reader should be interested in reading your ad. Next, it should explain “what” the reader is being offered (end result). Last, your copy should explain “how” the reader will gain access to your service or product, paid or free. Here’s an example:

“Are you often unmotivated and too tired to have a life outside of work?

Get the energy and motivation that you need to create the life that you deserve by doing this one, simple life-hack every single day.

No, it’s not another vitamin for you to take, nor is it another yoga exercise.

Just by doing this single, rhythmic pattern every single day, you will begin feeling more clarity in your mind, more energized in your body, and more motivated about your life.”

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Are you a little bit curious? Would you be willing to opt-in to my website to find out what this single, rhythmic pattern is that you could do to get the clarity, energy, and motivation that you’re seeking? I’m no expert at copywriting, but I’m definitely a fervent learner, and I can honestly say that I’ve learned and I am still learning from some of the best in the copywriting industry. Here’s one of the many helpful resources that I’ve used to help with writing great copy that I’d also love to share. You can click on the link, What Is Copywriting And what Is Its Purpose, to read about how to write great, effective copy or you can watch this short, entertaining video below.


10 Tips On How To Write Great Copy

If you are into sales of any kind, it’s extremely important to know how to write persuasive content that will help you in your intentions to market and eventually sell your products and/or services. Here you will find a list of tips that have helped me tremendously in growing in my affiliate marketing and copywriting techniques.

  1. Find your voice – every company or brand has its own unique personality when it comes to presenting itself to the world. Find that distinctive voice that will set you aside from the rest. If you’re humorous then use it to your advantage just as long as your humor furthers your goal. 
  2. Create a swipe file – at first, I didn’t quite get this one but over time it has become a true best friend. A “swipe file” is simply a file where you stash a collection of your favorite ads, emails or other content materials that you felt were very persuasive. Use this file to get the juices flowing again when you are feeling stuck and/or unmotivated. 
  3. Don’t write with cliché phrases – it’s easy to fall into this trap. I’m guilty of doing this myself from time to time. Simple clichés pop up into our minds with ease and they sound good. Well, don’t use them because just as they are readily available in your mind for use these same phrases will also be a quick turn-off for your audience because they’re just too obvious. Your reader will know if you’ve put in a good amount of thought into your ad and will appreciate your efforts when you have. 
  4. Give your reader a reason to listen to you – again this goes back to the use of answering your reader’s “why” at the beginning of all great copy. We all usually want others to get to the point of a matter because we’ve all got things to do, so why should advertising be any different? Get to the point and don’t waste your reader’s time.
  5.  Research the word count – this was a great tip that I learned from Splashcopywriters. Study content of your favorite brand. Make a note of how the word counts differ regarding certain intentions, like what were they trying to sell. When an advertiser is given a short window to persuade in, learning how to focus on the right words is what’s important.
  6. Be rhythmic in your copy – to create a good feel and rhythm for your copy you must come to master the use of punctuation marks. Placing punctuation marks too much, too little, or not at all can make a huge impact on how persuasive your copy can be. 
  7. Know your audience – visualize your reader and switch places with them. Try to come from their perspective as they’re scrolling through their emails or on the search engines. Imagine the kind of day a person may have had and what you could possibly help them with to alleviate the pain and/or frustration. This practice helps me a lot when it comes to writing copy for a certain product. The product becomes much larger in its purpose when approached from this angle.
  8. Write in present tense – when writing, using the past tense is often equated with using a passive tone. “We receive great feedback” is far greater persuasive than “We have received great feedback” if you are wanting to influence your reader that you are a business that guarantees satisfaction.
  9. Write less words to say more – I have a tendency to overboard my message. Don’t know what it is, but I can find a million and one things to say about any given topic (of interest)… blah, blah, blah. This tip continues to help me out with discerning between not providing enough of the much-needed content for my readers to have and having too much of just “space-fillers” on the page. When I look over some of my older content on this blog and elsewhere, I just sit and grin. Oh well, here’s to growth!
  10. Use words that trigger – whether you are trying to move someone to subscribe or purchase a product, or donate money, knowing the words that will help trigger the right emotion is very important to successful copywriting. 


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                                    and Serve

How would you like to know how you can serve humanity and the earth by just simply doing what you already do? We all have to shop for ourselves and our family. Some of us love to shop for fashions, unique gifts, home decor, and other items for everyday use. What if there was a way that you could help families help themselves, and help the environment at the same time, all from shopping? How would that make you feel? 

That would make you feel great! Right? Flower of Life Coach has figured out a way for many of us to shop and serve

Shopping Fair Trade products is one of the fastest growing networking tools for conscious business owners and individual/family artisans to come together for the intentions of leveling the playing field in the world of business and economic opportunities. 


Making Everyday Life Meaningful


Every day we are giving the opportunity to make not only our lives more meaningful but the lives of so many people that we encounter on a daily basis. When we begin to live more on purpose rather than living on auto-pilot, we will begin to see how much power we really do have to change our lives, our community, and our world for the better. 

Have you ever thought of making it a mission to become a conscious spender?  Conscious spending, to me, is being aware of not only how my money is being spent but the effects my dollars will have on others, the economy, and the environment for many years to come. Keeping track of our spending in that sense can seem like an impossible task but with a small amount of research, some willpower, and a goal, our hard-earned cash can begin to create a sustainable planet where everyone benefits. 

Here in this blog, I hope to get the momentum going with a few leads as to which organizations to support when it comes to supporting others and the environment. If we can deliberately place our energy into movements that matter, we can begin to build a more meaningful life and a more sustainable future through fair trade

  What Is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a structured ideology that has been put in place to build a more attainable means for individuals, families, and communities who have been marginalized by unfair international economic practices. Fair Trade provides opportunities for small business owners and artisans to share their skills, trade, and crafts with the world by tackling issues of exploitation by promoting safe working conditions and fair pay. This is done by fostering healthy relationships between the producers, buyers, and suppliers. 

Fair Trade not only empowers producers all over the world, but it also empowers the consumers, creating opportunities to choose how and where the money is spent, and by creating more opportunities to raise the awareness needed for a cleaner environment. 


Fair Trade Federation (FTF) looks to help create a just and sustainable global economic system when the purchasing and production of products are made with the well-being of people and the environment in mind., FTF intends to create a world where all people have viable economic options to meet their own needs. :

 Minga Fair Trade Imports     is helping to improve the economic lives of small producers in South America in the hopes of promoting stronger relationships with their retail counterparts by promoting fair trade commerce and intercultural education. Minga Fair Trade Imports is a small business helping small businesses.

 Green America        builds communities with economic power in mind. This approach strengthens consumers, businesses, investors, and the economy, all to create an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable society.

Aid to Artisans

 Aid to Artisans        create opportunities for low-income artisans around the world to build profitable businesses inspired by handmade traditions. Aid to Artisans offers accessibility to new economic opportunities, training in business, eco-safe processes and design through a community of partners to promote sustainable growth and community well-being. 

How Flower of Life Coach Helps


Helping others help others is the Flower of Life Coach mission. We are all people with dreams and passions, and in a lot of cases, these passions are never realized due to the fact that most of us are caught up into this ongoing cycle of “craziness” of just simply surviving from one paycheck to the next. Who has time to realize a dream?

But that’s why we’re here? Isn’t it? To realize our highest potential in the physical form from the thoughts we have of who we can become. All energy will turn into something. As above, so below. So, if you’re not focused on what you want your energy to become, over time because this energy is not properly placed, your very own energy will end up working more against you than for you. 

Of course, it’s not practical to quit your job tomorrow to follow your passion. But this is unfortunately where the realist gets stuck. Not everything has to make sense, at the moment. We could also argue that it’s just as impractical for a person to not even try fulfilling at least one passion in his or her lifetime. Couldn’t we?

Flower of Life Coach sets out to support such endeavors, attempting to help people realize their passions. This properly places creative energy in its right place, ensuring that the energy of every community, in the long run, will work entirely for the community’s growth. Do you have passionate ideas you’d wish to get out into the world but unsure of where and how to begin? Flower of Life Coach offers, per month, two free brainstorming sessions to help with tapping into those free-flowing ideas and the tools needed for implementing them. Get started by scheduling your two free i-coaching sessions today!


Self should be sacred. Shop our Sacred Self-Care Products

  Our  Sacred Self-Care products by PeacefulMind helps us help others. For every product sold, 10% of the proceeds will go to charities like these:     

  Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation     

Dedicated to combat the negative impact that poverty plays in Colombia of teenage pregnancy, poor health, and the high risk of infant mortality. Click here for more information on this foundation

Other Charities Flower of Life Coach supports:

 FAIR TRADE Certified 



Make your money matter. Purchase With A Purpose

We are also proud partners to our fair trade affiliates, and by sharing these affiliate products within our blogs we are helping to promote great quality handmade merchandise with the purpose of becoming a part of this growing market platform for individual/family artisans who wouldn’t have gained the much-needed exposure otherwise. Make your money matter by shopping on our Purchase With A Purpose page.