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How Sacred Rituals Can  Help To Achieve Your Goals


The word “ritual” has lost its true meaning. When we think of a ritual our minds are automatically guided to religious ceremonies. But rituals are integrated into our lives on a daily basis. Going to work is a ritual. Paying our taxes is a ritual. Cleaning the house is a ritual. And these rituals, whether done every day, once a week or even once a year plays a very significant role in either the success or failure of our goals and intentions, 


Why A Habitual Ritual?

Rituals are activities performed usually in a sequential manner involving symbolic objects, gestures, and words, These acts are carried out mainly for the sheer confirmation of our intentions. We go to work as a ritual because we have intentions to stay off the street and keep food on the table. We also go to work because we have dreams and goals. 

In the past, some rituals required some sacrifice. Thankfully, a lot of the requirements over the years have shifted into far less extreme sacrifices but all intentions or goals still to this day require some sacrifice when performing rituals. If you set a goal, a ritual will inevitably fall into place to see the goal through. Some rituals may require being away from home and family for long periods of time while others may require putting our dreams on hold to stay home with the kids. Whatever the ritual, it becomes a confirmation of our intentions, and making the ritual a sacred act will always be of great help in the manifestation of any goal.

Make It A Ritual – How Sacred Rituals Can Better Help To Achieve Your Goals

Have you noticed that it gets harder to make decisions toward the end of the day? You’re too tired to figure out what to have for dinner let alone what to watch on TV. That’s because we all have a finite amount of decisions that can be made in any given day. Knowing this will help us to prioritize.

Habits and routines are usually implemented to cut out a lot of much-needed decision making in our days. But over time, routines can become quite impersonal and a drudgery to perform, making our goals more difficult to adhere to. When we make a routine sacred, often the goal gets renewed and becomes personal once again. This helps especially when trying to accomplish long-term goals. Reacquainting yourself with the “why” of your goal by performing sacred rituals will help you to see your set goals well into the very end.

Chances are you already have a morning routine. You get up, prepare your coffee, tea, or grab that drink of water before getting out of bed. You check your emails and/or messages, fix a little breakfast, shower and eat all before heading off to work. You may not do it all or quite in that order but chances are you do have a routine. So, let’s expand on that. If you create a sacred ritual for your morning or evening, whichever time of day is relevant to you, your goal to go to work every day will likely become more achievable, Certainly, the goal to keep a roof over your head should be personally, motivating enough. Unfortunately for most, it is not.

Humans innately need to have and fulfill a purpose in every act, and when reason is neglected on a daily, despair becomes the norm. Going to work to keep yourself sheltered from the natural elements is not a real purpose in life, and on an intuitive level, I believe that we all know this. It may be worth taking into consideration that some who are homeless choose to be on a deeper level because their inner being finds living more purposeful from that point of experience. But that’s another conversation at another time.

The point trying to be made here is that experiencing life solely through laboring for our basic Mother Earth-given needs is not a reasonable, purpose, therefore, despair and lack of motivation become the two components that cause some to fall into, losing jobs, homes, families or even lives as a result.

Creating A Sacred Space

We are all born with our own inner, sacred space, and becoming reacquainted with that sacred space on a daily basis is very important. However, it is also just as important to create your very own sacred space inside of your home as well. This space will help you build and maintain a much-needed relationship with your inner-being. Building a strong connection with your inner-being will help to keep you grounded to what’s important in your life and help you let go of what is not. 

To create a sacred space, find an area in your home that is free of heavy traffic. Some traffic is fine but no traffic is better. You want to be very conscious of the kinds of energy your sacred space absorbs. After all, this space is where you will need to replenish your own energy level, and you want to always replenish your energy field with clean, positive energies.

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When decorating your sacred space, only respond by the “right” feel the furniture and other objects give off. For instance, everything has its very own energy signature or frequency that gives off different vibes. So, decorate your sacred space and your entire home, if you can, with items that resonate with your own energy signature or at a frequency that you are trying to attain. 

 Practitioners believe that rooms, buildings and all environments can be arranged and decorated in a way that maximizes the flow of Qi and, resulting in improvements to health and happiness of those who live in that environment.

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If deep, dark cherry wood resonates within you the feeling of confidence and power then, by all means, decorate your sacred space with cherry wood furniture. 

You want your sacred space to be the inspiration for what you wish to achieve or if you’re happy where you are, you want your sacred space to maintain your current level of focus.  Here are 5 easy and affordable feng shui tips for your sacred space   .


Having a sacred space and sacred ritual will again, invoke the “why” of your goals which will help increase the odds in your favor for accomplishing them. Giving yourself the gift of slowing down a bit before going to work can do wonders with changing a person’s perception of any situation. To strive to live beyond despair, we must first re-establish what our purpose or reason for being. Again, it is not to labor for basic survival but to attain a much higher level of experiences. When we have done so, going to work, taking care of family, paying bills, everyday life rituals won’t be just a plethora of empty gestures.

Set Out Each Day With Your Real Purpose In Mind!

In your sacred space, create a visual wall or vision board. This visual of your real purpose will keep your spirit free from the confinement of our world constructs. Make it a weekly ritual to accomplish at least one step toward making your real purpose a reality. Demote the idea of your need to work for housing, food, clothing, the basics from the status of “important fulfillments” to the status of “already taken care of”. Shifting your energy of focus to this degree will free you to see your life at a much wider angle as opposed to seeing it from an ant’s view. Before dashing off to work, sit in your sacred space for a few moments and energetically absorb your visual wall. When your spirit is free, life becomes more exciting and not just a conglomeration of meaningless acts. 

Have Your Breakfast And Candles, Too!

In your sacred space, light a candle. Never underestimate the powerful ritual of lighting a candle. According to Spiritual Arts Institute, candles are known to invoke different intentions depending on their color, design, and their added infused ingredients of oils, herbs, and/or gems. Choosing the right candle for the right intention can be just as important as choosing the right partner for marriage. Whatever your desired result, the tools used must always match your overall intentions.



Take Your Affirmations Every Where You Go!

In your sacred space, recite your favorite list of affirmations or have them in view. Affirmations are a great way to affirm what we wish to see happen in our lives and saying or seeing them on a daily basis makes it easy for our thoughts to begin vibrating at the desired frequency. Affirmations are influencers that guide our thoughts and emotions to experiencing what we ultimately wish to experience which is happiness. Saying positive words, over time, will guide our thoughts and feelings to reverberate at that same frequency. Our life will then begin to mirror who and what we are truly wishing to achieve as our real purpose.


So, once you’ve begun the journey to reestablish what your real purpose is, create your very own sacred space to reacquaint yourself with your inner-being as often as you are willing. Laboring for basic needs is not your real purpose for being. When you finally come to terms with this one fact, your energy of focus will become so much more powerful than ever before.  And your goals will begin to manifest at a faster rate.

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Learning to slow down to contemplate and for reflection is crucial to living your purpose, on purpose. Stilling the ego’s thoughts and feelings for at least 20 minutes out of every day to gain that trusted connection with your inner guidance system is really your only purpose. For with this accomplishment you will come to easily accomplish everything else. 


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  Play On Words Challenge

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Words with the same letters that complement one another in context.


You have to be SILENT in order to LISTEN.

Most things that are taught in this world to make us SCARED are actually the SACRED things we should embrace.

It is very important to practice being the CREATOR of your own life instead of being the REACTOR to another’s. 

When we live from the HEART we become in tune with the EARTH.

Can you think of any more combinations where there are words with the same letters that complement one another in a contextual meaning? If so, share them. Let’s make it a challenge to see how long our list can grow! Put your choice in the comment box below and I will list it here along with your name!

Here are two more that were thought of:

ONE year times a billion equals an EON


Each music NOTE creates a TONE.

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Self-Care Awareness Campaign

self-care awareness

Self-Care Awareness

If you’re depended upon by family, friends, your job, more often than not you find yourself greatly overwhelmed and in need of a break. This is because you are running on auto-pilot of give, give, give, never once realizing that in order to give you must have something to give. 


In order to be an effective caregiver, you must be aware that your needs must always come first. It is crucial that self-care awareness be that center from where you operate on a daily basis. 

Businesses and Organizations Involved In The Movement To Promoting Self-Care Awareness

Action For Happiness

Gretchen Rubin

Tiny Buddha


Mind Body Green


Giving Is Better Than Receiving

I wonder who came up with this saying? Giving is Better Than Receiving. I do understand that giving does release the flow of endorphins in the brain that makes the giver happy. Unfortunately, we’re not always giving from a full cup. We have become a society of sadistic obligation. Even receiving has been tainted with the phrase, “hand out” which causes the receiver to feel either ashamed or less than deserving. 


Read my other blog, How To Put Yourself First And Be Ok


There are always two sides to every matter. Life operates on the concept of “give and take”. To exhale, I must inhale. To teach, I must learn. To sow, I must also reap. If it is understood in these areas that one needs the other for balance. Why do we find it difficult to grasp the concept that in order for me to give, I must then receive?  

More Businesses And Organizations Involved In The Movement To Promoting Self-Care Awareness


Abraham Hicks


Work Happy Now


 Change Makers

 Zen Habits

 Mark And Angel Hack Life

 Jack Kornfield

 The Life On Purpose Movement

Self-Care Awareness Is The First Step Toward Self-Love

The word “LOVE” can be tricky. After all, its meaning can be super vague so I’ll just try to narrow it down here to mean “unconditional concern of well-being”. This concern could be of your well-being or the well-being of another, the target word here is “unconditional”. 


 How many of us can actually say that we show ourselves unconditional concern of our own well-being? Sure, we may show this concern for our family members, and some may even show this level of concern for a friend. But rarely do many of us show unconditional concern of our own well-being simply because we’ve been taught to always put the needs of others before our own.

In this fast-paced and busy world, it is extremely easy to forget about yourself and your needs for maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. But it is vital that you show yourself that “unconditional concern for your own well-being” to maintain effectively the health and wellness of those who also depend on you. I found in this article some excellent tips that will get you moving in the right direction of practicing self-care awareness in your life today. 5 Simple Steps Towards Self-Care You Need To Practice Today!

More You Can Do To Begin Your

Self-Care Awareness Regimen.

Print off this calendar, place it on your cubicle wall in front of you, or wherever you’ll see it. Or, download it to have available at all times. 


I’m curious. Leave your comments below and tell me how you’re incorporating these Self-Care tips into your daily routine. I’ll keep you posted as well. And please subscribe for more tips, offers, and tools on how to make “self” top priority. Happy Self-Care Awareness Month!

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law of attractionWe need to talk.

After so many years and after so much that’s been said about the Law of Attraction, there are still quite a few people who are not understanding just how exactly the Law of Attraction works. I believe that there are people who would rather believe in some magical phenomena that can be turned on and turned off at will than come to understand that there are constant laws that exist at all times without bias to aid each and every one of us in creating the lives that we desire.

So, to hopefully better explain how the Law of Attraction works, this topic will be approached here in this article as simply and as thoroughly as possible.


The Natural Realm In Which We Live

In nature, there are laws. Every farmer knows that there is a time to plant and a time to harvest. The farmer also knows that each seed is coded differently to give what it’s designed to give. If a farmer plants a seed and expects the seed to be fully matured and ready for harvest the next day, the farmer then does not fully understand the laws of nature. These laws, however, have already been established eons ago, and have always been [turned] on and working. Yet the farmer who would think that he can use some of these laws one day and not the other is not exactly approaching farming realistically. Eventually, if he’s serious about farming and wants to be a success, he will have to come to know the laws of nature and how they all work.

The same is also true for the law of attraction. In order for us to be a success at creating the lives we deserve, we must come to know what the law of attraction is and how the law of attraction works.

So, just like the farmer, we can plant a seed of thought about wanting a new house, a car, more money, a new relationship, etc. And just like the farmer, we can really understand the law and use it intentionally to bring about the desired result.

When a seed is planted, the success of its outcome is not only determined by the proper maintenance it receives afterward but how well cultivated the land was prior to the sowing. If the land is toxic and barren, there are things that need to be done to bring the soil back to its nutrient, rich state before it can be used. Once this is done, growing a seed into a healthy plant just from the rain and the sun alone is usually all the seed needs.


Cultivate Your Mind To Get The Results You Want



Many people believe that the Law of Attraction is not “working” because they feel the life they are currently experiencing is not at all the life anyone in their right mind would ever desire. Please understand that the Law of Attraction doesn’t respond just to the pleasant thoughts that we have (which are fleeting at best). The  Law of Attraction responds to the feeling or emotion that has been, over time, building up into a very strong force or momentum. 

If you are always exhibiting emotions of fear, worry, anger, sadness, or any other low-frequency emotions, your emotional buildup or momentum will be strong in those areas. Your life experiences will predominately reflect those emotions of fear, guilt, and lack, that is until you decide to work on reversing that particular momentum. 

When cultivating your mind, you are preparing for it to receive a thought without the automation of other thoughts being interjected in, ultimately killing off the initial thought (seed) before it’s given the chance to germinate. The mind is toxic and barren when ideas are easily stifled or are unable to take root. To ensure a healthy, fertile mind, noisy, negative chatter (toxins) must be removed. To do this, you must become fully aware of when your negative thoughts surface. 

































Shhh! I’m Trying To Watch A Movie! 

You’ve slid down comfortably in a seat at the theater, lured deep into an action-packed scene. The dialogue is great and you’re focused on the screen, making sure you don’t miss a thing. But then someone coughs and it causes you to briefly divert your attention.  Ugh! What was that I missed? You quickly shift your focus back to the screen. But then someone’s cell phone goes off while another person gets up to walk out, blocking your view. You try peering around the person in a panic until finally, you yell, “Shhh! I’m trying to watch a movie! 

When negative thoughts begin distracting us just like in the movie theater, we will try everything in our power to remain focused on the task at hand. Whether the task at hand is a project at work or school or trying to meditate, thoughts that we allow in to detract us away from our goal are the thoughts we need to remove in order to begin cultivating our minds.

Often these toxic thoughts that come in are dream killers. They creep in right after we plant seeds of focused intentions such as leaving an abusive relationship, leaving a dead end job, wanting a new house, wanting a new car, wanting to start a business, etc.. If we can remove these toxic thoughts and begin replacing them with more healthier ones, we can begin enriching our minds causing our thoughts of intent to take root and flourish. 


Enriching Our Minds To Become Healthy Soil

science behind the law of attractionJust like in everything we wish to be a success in, we must practice. For practice does make perfect. If we wish to prepare our minds to receive life producing thoughts that will take root and mature to their fullest potentials, we have to strengthen our mind’s immune system so that the planted seeds will grow into healthy produce. To strengthen our mind’s immune system we must do several things. 


  • Change our diets. Yes, what we eat is extremely important as it is the foundation of how the brain will interpret the signals it receives from the gut. For instance, if the gut is healthy then most likely the brain will perform more optimally, sending healthy, intact information to the rest of the organs in the body. To ensure that our small intestines remain vital, we should always try to eat foods that promote good bacteria or flora growth. Read  here  for more information on your brain/gut connection and flora producing foods. 


More studies are showing that  people who have a healthier gut  are happier and have more clarity in their lives overall. Eating foods that kill good bacteria in the gut is now being linked to mental health issues such as bipolar, schizophrenia, chronic depression, anxiety, loss of memory, and many others. Maintaining a probiotic dietary lifestyle will require a lot of discipline but it is absolutely pertinent that it be applied.  


  • Learn to meditate. Changing the diet creates a more aligned brainwave pattern which makes quieting the mind easier to do. Many studies conducted today are now revealing that with meditation, the brain really does act differently with neuron synapses firing off in a more synchronized fashion.


It sounds as if just becoming aware of the change we’d wish to make will begin gently rewiring new neural pathways in our brains. I like to think of this as new irrigation channels being dug to make certain that the proper nutrition will make its way to the newly sewn ideas. 


  • Implement affirmations daily.  It’s extremely crucial that we learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Saying affirmations is a way of doing just this. Ultimately, we all want to get to a state where we no longer think but allow thoughts to flow to us. But until then we are going to think, so why not think about things that are good. 


When we make it a habit to think only on good things we are training our focus. Training our focus preps and conditions the soil to be a healthy incubator to bring about the manifestation of healthy ideas. Having a strong focus and staying the course no matter what distractions you encounter along the way will ensure an abundant yield, whatever the desire may be. 


When we’ve mastered our focus, attracting any and everything that is in our range of desires will become so simple, and so easy that we’ll wonder how was it that we so easily missed how the law of attraction was working in the first place.

 How Law of Attraction works in Science:

What Exactly Is This Phenomenon, The Law Of Attraction?


But okay, is it really just about focus? The answer to this question is, yes. But there is one more element to how this natural law works. Where we are daily on the emotional scale will also factor in how easy we attract the necessary components needed for manifesting our desires. Emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, jealousy, impatience, etc. will create a blockage to the flow of those natural impulses that are often accompanied by those necessary components that the Law of Attraction will use to bring everything together.  If you’re blocked then you’ll most likely miss your cue to be in the right place at the right time, speaking with the right person, and/or overhearing the right information.


When you finally reach that state of knowing that what you’ve asked for is available right now and is ready for you to enjoy, you will find that not only your desires will come to you easy but that they will become a reality fast.


What do you think about the Law of Attraction? Leave a comment below by sharing with our community the type of experiences you’ve had when deliberately creating with this natural law. And to receive more content like this in your inbox, please  subscribe .  

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All we need is a small percentage of people just like you to make a global shift in consciousness. The minimum amount required to cause a shift is the square root of 1% of a population. Of 6 billion people on this planet that’s only 8,000 people, according to Gregg Braden from his book: The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief. That’s not a lot of people!


We are desperately in need of a change. The way we are operating is no longer sustainable for us, our children, nor our planet. So, how do we make the necessary changes that we so desperately need? We need innovators! We need people like you who want to make a difference. People like you who can see a better way of doing things on this planet and who also aren’t afraid to make these much needed changes a reality. 


Change Begins With You

Do you think that the current administration that is in the White House is an accident? It is no accident. Our president who is hell-bent on dismantling the government and its systems truly believes that what he is doing is right. And many people may not want to hear this, but he just may be the man to do it. What people are not understanding is that the dismantling of our government system may not go in his favor. The current dismantling can possibly favor the people! And the only way the dismantling can favor the people is if we’ve awakened from our trance and have started to prepare ourselves for the many important tasks that lay ahead. 



This is why it is so important to have on board people who are willing to begin the change within themselves to very well be the instruments needed to assist with ushering in new ideas and practices for our changing world. 


Together we can all make the change we seek. And as we continue to align our thoughts and actions with LOVE, the most powerful energy known in the Universe, we will create our world anew! 





“Plant the Seed and It Will Grow!”



How The Peoples Party Prevailed In 2020





Does this title appear to be somewhat premature? I don’t think so. Read this  article  by Robert Reich about how the “people” prevailed against the powers that be. Speaking as though what you want has already happened is a very powerful way to create the life that is desired. 


Leave a comment below and let’s exchange our thoughts and ideas. Together we will win!


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