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Our Four Seasons Casting Herbs & Incense are a beautifully scented, handcrafted potpourri blends of seasonal flowers used for creating positive intentions, improving your mood and filling any space with seasonal color and natural fragrance!

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A Japa mala or mala beads are a string of prayer beads commonly used by Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains for the spiritual practice known in Sanskrit as Japa. It is usually made from 108 beads, relating to this sacred number.


This incredible pouch can be used to “Ask, Believe, Receive” with the metaphysical healing power of crystals! The law of attraction works when we first ask the Universe for what we want.


Create and improve your intentions with these wonderful ritual candles created by hand and enriched with natural essential oils and genuine crystals.


Scent has been used for centuries as a powerful cleanser of negative energy and for clearing away the old to welcome the new.


Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye. Electric fields can be produced by the local build-up of electric charges in the atmosphere associated with thunderstorms.


I love this crystal! The Harmonic Generator Crystal is a one of a kind beta quartz generator designed exclusively for by renowned physicist, Dr.Guo-Yuan Yang.


7 genuine crystals associated with each Chakra center are affixed on selenite from the Cave of Crystals!


The Aura Crystal Cleanse Kit utilize the colors of the aura and provide a guide in understanding our emotions, consciousness, energy processes and centers.


One of our most popular, aromatic room and body sprays!

Cleanse and renew your Auric energy by mysting yourself or surroundings. Evokes peace and emotional balance.


Protect yourself and your family this year. Learn how using this Feng Shui kit can change your life! We give you all the tools to bring about positive change in your self and your surroundings.


Enhance the energy of your sign! We empower our zodiac collection with the fragrant scent of pure essential oils and decorate each candle with beautifully made, heavy duty pewter pendants representing each sign.

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