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We Are One We Are One
Beware, you’ve entered the territory of hard-core philosophers, politically incorrect misfits and advanced meditators. For beginners, reading this is perhaps a rather disenchanting path to the absolute truth. It should be noted a few chapters are the equivalence of a socio-political reality-check from a psycho-spiritual perspective… So, if you enjoy a decent mind-fuck that’ll leave you with a few sobering thoughts, please download for free before purchase.Please be advised that some of the content may be extremely disturbing to the faint-hearted. It contains honest/satirical comments, coarse language, theological thought, politics, consciousness engineering, abuse, murder, death, conspiracies, terra-forming and souls trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth.

The Secret of The Law of Attraction The Secret of The Law of Attraction
The secret to the law of attraction will open up your world to the universal mind power found within. You will take a journey into yourself to discover the truth that will teach you the secret to the law of attraction.


The Ultimate Online Business Starter Guide for Newbies The Ultimate Online Business Starter Guide for Newbies
Want to start an online side hustle the right way without information overload? Then get this useful starter guide that shows you the powerful action steps to build your online business — as well as highly trusted resources and world class experts to help you along the way.


Game of Life: The Fifth Flower Game of Life: The Fifth Flower
Life is a game and we ought to play it. I have always loved games; but I did not always love my life. It is full of things such as shame, duties, responsibilities and it often really feels like a “Load”-button is missing for us to rewind our mistakes. Therefore life is a game on “Hardcore”-mode. We have only one chance unless we believe in the afterlife, which I do, however, I do not intend to wait and…


Detox and Heal Your-Self Detox and Heal Your-Self
If you are looking to resolve a specific health issue, have weight management challenges or just want to feel better then you need to read this information! Brett Elliott has helped over 100,000 people in over 45 countries with his Detox Program. The book answers the following questions: What’s behind the biggest health epidemic of our time?What does toxic overload look like? Why do we need a body cleansing Detox?What are the symptoms our body has when it needs to detox? What foods do you eat on a detox? What’s in a good Herbal Detox program? How do the herbs work on your body?What results can be expected from a body cleansing detox?


Nurturing Creative Children Nurturing Creative Children
Every child is a creative being. The challenge we have as parents, teachers and caregivers is to tap that creativity and maximize a child’s potential. This is no small responsibility. The closer we come to nurturing that creativity in our children the greater the potential for raising a global network of happy adults. Once children reach the age where they are launched into the world via public education they are suddenly burdened with the pressure to succeed. Parents and teachers alike turn their focus on getting good grades rather than succeeding as a human being. This focus on academic excellence is extremely damaging to children.


The Glad Game Revisited-Your 21 Day Into Vibrational Alignment The Glad Game Revisited-Your 21 Day Into Vibrational Alignment
Your Goals & Aspirations deserve Your Time & Attention -Your Time IS Now & Your deepest Desires ARE worth it – Now is the power of YOU – the Co-Creator of YOUR Reality & Designer of YOUR Dream-Life! …Only when we Re-learn to SEE and FEEL our experience differently, will we be able to witness the MIRACLES around us. This Re-learning process in order to be able to see and feel our NOW as such, is the prerequisite for our HAPPINESS. The ‘Glad Game Revisited’ course is as such a method to guide you in this direction. It is designed as a powerful TOOL to achieve this GOAL. This step by step course will empower your Soul & Spirit assisting you to further restore CLARITY with EASE & GRACE, while leading you to be able to EMBRACE your destiny & FLOW and finally MANIFEST your deepest DESIRES.


A Mind Of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and Natural Treatment For the Whole Body Wellness A Mind Of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and Natural Treatment For the Whole Body Wellness
Depression is not a disease. It is a symptom.Learn about depression symptoms, warning signs, and causes, plus what you can do to feel better. Exercise, mind-body therapies, and herbal supplements all have the power to treat depression. Find out if it’s right for you.Recent years have seen a shocking increase in antidepressant use the world over, with 1 in 4 people starting their day with medication. These drugs have steadily become the panacea for everything from grief, irritability, panic attacks, to insomnia, PMS, and stress. But the truth is, what people really need can’t be found at a pharmacy.If you struggle with depression (or anxiety), you’ll find this book dispels common myths, and gives you the knowledge you need to truly heal.

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