Fun is Why You Are Here



We  are here to create from contrast.

  The Earth is our decadent playground, filled with a variety of sounds, sights, textures, tastes, and scents. It is our duty to experience all that we can while in the physical form, all the while expanding spiritually from the contrast it brings. Once we’ve understood that we are here solely to create and not react to life’s experiences, the same experience that may lead us to believe that life is a drudgery can also help us gain the understanding that life can, too, be just as easy and fun.  

How To Become a Conscious Creator and Not Just a Reactor to Life



  Expecting someone to not react to life is like expecting that same person to not gasp for air when drowning. It’s not going to happen. The body is innately wired to protect itself, and unfortunately sometimes even to its own demise. But with the right balance of focusing on what’s wanted in life and allowance, many wonderful and new possibilities begin to emerge. We start to get how it all works, becoming the powerful creators intended. And when that happens, life stops being the scary, unpredictable train wreck we’ve all bought into.


If you lost all of your possessions in this instant, after getting over the initial shock of it all, you would most likely go through a series of emotions before letting go of the experience and moving on. Initially, most of us go through emotions of fear, anger, a mourning process to continue on through the emotions of acceptance then hope. But If you’ve never learned how to shut down the fearful chatter going on in your head, you’re most likely going to keep revisiting the emotions of fear and anger, which eventually leads to emotions of anxiety and depression.  

Trying to find a solution from low vibratory states of anxiety and depression will only keep more of those unwanted experiences on that frequency active. In order to stay in the higher emotional states of acceptance, hope then gratitude, clearing the mind of senseless chatter and thinking only on things that are good will help place you in the alignment needed to find the solution to any and all problems



How does fun fit into all of this?



Believe it or not, having fun and also learning how to become a master creator is what we’ve initially agreed to do here on Earth. The reason for our being here is really not at all that serious. We make life serious by needing to find it purposeful instead of just having fun by doing the things we desire to do. And yes, a person can predominately do the things he or she desires and still be a responsible human being.

 It’s unfortunate that as we grow up we begin to make getting money our only focus instead of being happy. Of course, many of us think that once we get the money the happiness will follow, but that’s rarely how it ever happens. Once we understand that it is the happiness that we’re really after, we’ll begin putting our focus on what really matters and start creating the fun and exciting lives many of us truly desire and deserve. 


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