How Sacred Rituals Can Help To Achieve Your Goals

How Sacred Rituals Can  Help To Achieve Your Goals


The word “ritual” has lost its true meaning. When we think of a ritual our minds are automatically guided to religious ceremonies. But rituals are integrated into our lives on a daily basis. Going to work is a ritual. Paying our taxes is a ritual. Cleaning the house is a ritual. And these rituals, whether done every day, once a week, or even once a year plays a very significant role in either the success or failure of our goals and intentions, 


Why A Habitual Ritual?

Rituals are activities performed usually in a sequential manner involving symbolic objects, gestures, and words, These acts are carried out mainly for the sheer confirmation of our intentions. We go to work as a ritual because we have intentions to stay off the street and keep food on the table. We also go to work because we have dreams and goals. 

In the past, some rituals required some sacrifice. Thankfully, a lot of the requirements over the years have shifted into far less extreme sacrifices but all intentions or goals still to this day require some sacrifice when performing rituals. If you set a goal, a ritual will inevitably fall into place to see the goal through. Some rituals may require being away from home and family for long periods of time while others may require putting our dreams on hold to stay home with the kids. Whatever the ritual, it becomes a confirmation of our intentions, and making the ritual a sacred act will always be of great help in the manifestation of any goal.

Make It A Ritual – How Sacred Rituals Can Better Help To Achieve Your Goals

Have you noticed that it gets harder to make decisions toward the end of the day? You’re too tired to figure out what to have for dinner let alone what to watch on TV. That’s because we all have a finite amount of decisions that can be made on any given day. Knowing this will help us to prioritize.

Habits and routines are usually implemented to cut out a lot of much-needed decision-making in our days. But over time, routines can become quite impersonal and drudgery to perform, making our goals more difficult to adhere to. When we make a routine sacred, often the goal gets renewed and becomes personal once again. This helps especially when trying to accomplish long-term goals. Reacquainting yourself with the “why” of your goal by performing sacred rituals will help you to see your set goals well into the very end.

Chances are you already have a morning routine. You get up, prepare your coffee, or tea, or grab that drink of water before getting out of bed. You check your emails and/or messages, fix a little breakfast, shower, and eat all before heading off to work. You may not do it all or quite in that order but chances are you do have a routine. So, let’s expand on that. If you create a sacred ritual for your morning or evening, whichever time of day is relevant to you, your goal to go to work every day will likely become more achievable, Certainly, the goal to keep a roof over your head should be personally, motivating enough. Unfortunately for most, it is not.

Humans innately need to have and fulfill a purpose in every act, and when reason is neglected on a daily, despair becomes the norm. Going to work to keep yourself sheltered from the natural elements is not a real purpose in life, and on an intuitive level, I believe that we all know this. It may be worth taking into consideration that some who are homeless choose to be on a deeper level because their inner being finds living more purposeful from that point of experience. But that’s another conversation at another time.

The point trying to be made here is that experiencing life solely through laboring for our basic Mother Earth-given needs is not a reasonable, purpose, therefore, despair and lack of motivation become the two components that cause some to fall into, losing jobs, homes, families or even lives as a result.

Creating A Sacred Space

We are all born with our own inner, sacred space, and becoming reacquainted with that sacred space on a daily basis is very important. However, it is also just as important to create your very own sacred space inside of your home as well. This space will help you build and maintain a much-needed relationship with your inner being. Building a strong connection with your inner being will help to keep you grounded in what’s important in your life and help you let go of what is not. 

To create a sacred space, find an area in your home that is free of heavy traffic. Some traffic is fine but no traffic is better. You want to be very conscious of the kinds of energy your sacred space absorbs. After all, this space is where you will need to replenish your own energy level, and you want to always replenish your energy field with clean, positive energies.

When decorating your sacred space, only respond by the “right” feel the furniture and other objects give off. For instance, everything has its very own energy signature or frequency that gives off different vibes. So, decorate your sacred space and your entire home, if you can, with items that resonate with your own energy signature or at a frequency that you are trying to attain. 

 Practitioners believe that rooms, buildings, and all environments can be arranged and decorated in a way that maximizes the flow of Qi and, results in improvements to the health and happiness of those who live in that environment.

If deep, dark cherry wood resonates within you the feelings of confidence and power, then decorate your sacred space with cherry wood furniture. 

You want your sacred space to be the inspiration for what you wish to achieve or if you’re happy where you are, you want your sacred space to maintain your current level of focus.  Here are 5 easy and affordable feng shui tips for your sacred space.


Having a sacred space and sacred ritual will again, invoke the “why” of your goals which will help increase the odds in your favor for accomplishing them. Giving yourself the gift of slowing down a bit before going to work can do wonders for changing a person’s perception of any situation. To strive to live beyond despair, we must first re-establish our purpose or reason for being. Again, it is not to labor for basic survival but to attain a much higher level of experience. When we have done so, going to work, taking care of family, paying bills, and everyday life rituals won’t be just a plethora of empty gestures.

Set Out Each Day With Your Real Purpose In Mind!

In your sacred space, create a visual wall or vision board. This visual of your real purpose will keep your spirit free from the confinement of our world constructs. Make it a weekly ritual to accomplish at least one step toward making your real purpose a reality. Demote the idea of your need to work for housing, food, clothing, and the basics from the status of “important fulfillments” to the status of “already taken care of”. Shifting your energy of focus to this degree will free you to see your life from a much wider angle as opposed to seeing it from an ant’s view. Before dashing off to work, sit in your sacred space for a few moments, and energetically absorb your visual wall. When your spirit is free, life becomes more exciting and not just a conglomeration of meaningless acts. 

Have Your Breakfast And Candles, Too!

In your sacred space, light a candle. Never underestimate the powerful ritual of lighting a candle. According to Spiritual Arts Institute, candles are known to invoke different intentions depending on their color, design, and their added infused ingredients of oils, herbs, and/or gems. Choosing the right candle for the right intention can be just as important as choosing the right partner for marriage. Whatever your desired result, the tools used must always match your overall intentions.



Take Your Affirmations Every Where You Go!

In your sacred space, recite your favorite list of affirmations or have them in view. Affirmations are a great way to affirm what we wish to see happen in our lives and saying or seeing them on a daily basis makes it easy for our thoughts to begin vibrating at the desired frequency. Affirmations are influencers that guide our thoughts and emotions to experience what we ultimately wish to experience which is happiness. Saying positive words, over time, will guide our thoughts and feelings to reverberate at that same frequency. Our life will then begin to mirror who and what we are truly wishing to achieve as our real purpose.


So, once you’ve begun the journey to reestablish what your real purpose is, create your very own sacred space to reacquaint yourself with your inner being as often as you are willing. Laboring for basic needs is not your real purpose for being. When you finally come to terms with this one fact, your energy of focus will become so much more powerful than ever before.  And your goals will begin to manifest at a faster rate.

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Learning to slow down to contemplate and for reflection is crucial to living your purpose, on purpose. Stilling the ego’s thoughts and feelings for at least 20 minutes every day to gain that trusted connection with your inner guidance system is really your only purpose. With this accomplishment, you will come to easily accomplish everything else. 


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