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Quite frankly, as we continue to understand more about how the Universe operates, we’ll see clearly how less physical work and more spiritual work do generate more income and an overall means of support for one’s well being.

Through experience, we’ll come to notice that the less we think on thoughts of fear, the less we will react to them. When we intentionally filter through mental thoughts and choose the ones that make us feel good, the means to making money opens. Customers begin to respond in great numbers, and the marketing just seems to take care of itself. Dream jobs are offered, or the opportunities to land our dream job magically appears. And when we’re inspired to make a move, it’s also easy and fluid. We are in the right place, at the right time, meeting up with the right people, receiving the right information. It never fails.


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But when we react to fearful thoughts such as, business is not doing well, or I need to find a job fast, and so on. Our world will begin to show a reflection as though looking in a distorted mirror. We realize that by thinking and vibrating from that state of focus or awareness, we tend to create many unwanted and unnecessary experiences. The means to making money gets blockages which over time ultimately closes altogether. 

This Art of Allowing ( phrase coined by the extraordinary Abraham Hicks) is the key to staying in the receptive mode in all aspects of life. When allowing life to flow freely in and through you, life pretty much takes care of itself. Everything becomes easy because you align with who you really are, closing the gap between your ego (self) and your Inner Being (God Self).  

Once this gap closes, so much of your desires begin to manifest, even the forgotten ones. Health becomes your dominate state, and the aging process will begin to slow down as well. People around you will think that you are one of the luckiest people alive, but all you’re just being is an opened and willing channel for the Source of Infinite Potentiality to express Itself through with no limitations. This makes life, in a literal sense, a joyful experience. 


How Do I Work Less And Still Pay My Bills?

Unfortunately,  if you’ve asked this question then you’re not yet where you’re needed to put this concept to use. In fact, you will most likely continue working harder, getting less and less because you’re feeling (or are in-tune) with the vibration signaling lack.

You are feeling a lack in time and freedom because you desire to work less, and you are feeling a lack in money because of your awareness of your need for it. But never worry, life is just showing you the contrast of what you really want your life to become. Now that life knows what you want, it’s created it already on a certain vibratory frequency. It is up to you now to trust (allow) that it’s done then tune into it with the vibration of appreciating it.

This vibration opens you up to receive everything emitting the same vibration. This process keeps you in-tune with the vibrations of love, the stream of well-being (all that is good), keeping as well that steady flow of what may appear to others as “luck”,  coming your way. 

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