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Take the first steps on a journey of transformation! This empowering, “take-charge-of-your-life” book is a working journal for the soul! We are all spiritual beings! Andrew shows us some incredible and unconventional ways of learning more about who we are and why we are here! Get to know yourself through a doorway of the seasons! Travel through the “seasons of your life” and better understand how we develop as light forces of energy and spread that joyful light to everyone we meet.



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Enjoy some of Andrew’s most personal and life-changing experiences woven into a fast-paced, to-do list of mental check-ins, powerful affirmations and enlightening passages or “gemstones” he drops along the way. Get in touch with your “spiritual side” by incorporating all of your senses (even your 6th sense) with his “teaching tools” including the strength of aromatherapy, stones and crystals of the mineral kingdom, powerful meditations, life-motivating affirmations, the magic of music, seasonal foods and your own personal connection to nature.

*An organized way to look at the world at every age and in every season. *An amazing and unlikely connection to our own spirituality. *An incredible journey of self-realization!


“A beautiful, moving and instructive book… This is a delightful how-to book with centuries-old healing techniques for all the senses and from many traditions – pilgrimages, prayer, dance, meditation, crystals, and daily exercises.”
` ~ Jean-Claude van Itallie ~ Playwright and founder/director Shantigar Foundation for Theater, Meditation, and Healing.

Lead Us To A Place   $17.95 + shipping   

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