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Meet Francesca Simon Founder of Charting Your Course and Sarasota Rose. Here she explains how she put to use the Law of Attraction. Watch her Quora answer video to the question “What’s The Best Thing You Have Manifested?

“By the time I talked to Cat Dyson, I was a complete wreck. I’d spent good money on several photographers before her, who took the same tired photos I was trying to replace on our website and marketing materials. Cat took the time to get to know each and every person in our office, going above and beyond to capture their true spirit in some fabulous photographs that sold our brand.”

Tom Anderson, CEO, Anderson Realty Company

“We knew when Ms. Dyson sent in her application that she had great potential. By the time her junior year rolled around, we knew we had an artist on our hands who could capture the true magic in people’s souls that they rarely let the world see. We’ve had Cat back on several occasions for workshops and intersession classes. She’s grown amazingly as a photographer!”

Judy Roberts, Dean, New York Academy of Fine Arts