How To Help Change The World In 5 Easy Steps

There is no doubt that right now our world and all of humanity is in need of a desperate energy shift. If you’ve landed on this page, you most likely know what is meant by the terms “energy shift”. But if you are not yet familiar with them you can learn a little about such terms like energy, frequency and vibration by reading “How To Achieve Your Dreams And Goals” or “Journey Into The World Of Healing Energy Frequency“.   read more




7 Healthy Ways To Overcoming Your Anxiety

The world in which we live today can understandably be perceived as a scary place to live. Intense energies of hatred, anger, and violence have become an everyday occurrence. Each day we’re bombarded with news of wars and rumors of wars, and numerous accounts of bizarre behavior, not only from humans but from the weather as well.  read more





A Holistic Approach To Mental Health:

Understanding your connection between your brain, gut, and spirit.

In the past, mental illness as a topic was often discussed among the industry of healthcare professionals as solely a chemical imbalance that affected the brain. Today, more studies are showing that our digestive system and its health also plays a huge part in the optimal health and performance of our brain. This new innovative approach to mental health has begun to open doors to understanding more in depth why certain mental illnesses occur. If we are willing, however, to explore beyond the dynamics of the brain-gut connection with a humble, open and honest approach, the findings will eventually reveal to us that our spiritual health, too, plays just as an important role, if not more, in our overall well-being.  read more 




Journey Into The World Of Healing Energy Frequency

Since everything here on Earth is literally energy in motion, it may also be safe to say that our health, too, is in constant fluctuation depending on, of course, where our energy signature vibrates. The higher the frequency our energy vibrates, the healthier our bodies will be. This is no longer speculation, as experts are now understanding the connection between the pulsating, rhythmic pattern of our living planet and the well-being of all life.   read more




10 Powerful Affirmations That Will Shift Your Life!


Take the 21 Day Challenge! Say (out loud) these and do these affirmations for 21 days, and watch your life transform!  read more





How You Can Be Selfish And Happy

If you are like most people, being told to be selfish may cause you to feel a bit uncomfortable. After all, thinking only of yourself is, well…selfish? But let’s be honest with ourselves by asking some necessary questions. Are you here for someone else’s happiness, or for your happiness? 

Since it is virtually impossible to live from another’s perspective, from whose perspective then can you live from? You are your own best advocate. If you won’t put yourself first in your own life, who will?  read more



Fun Is Why You Are Here

Imagine coming to the understanding that your only purpose of existence here on Earth is to have crazy FUN! That’s it! Nothing else! You are here to have a ton of fun and just be happy. Wouldn’t knowing that cause you to perceive life differently?  read more



What Is The Purpose Of Life Coaching

Over the past two decades, Life Coaching has definitely made its mark in the healthcare profession, and today it is still growing into a very prominent and beneficial business. Unlike therapy, coaching of any kind allows its clients to find within themselves the answers usually sought after. read more