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The Post-2012 Paradigm Shift is the unfolding of world events that are and will come to pass for a much-needed change. It is a shifting of energies from the old ways of doing things [interacting with the world through thought only, operating solely from modes of fear, greed, corruption, and competition] to newer ways of living [interacting through feeling and operating solely from modes of love, creativity, transparency, and cooperation].

This new paradigm was foretold by the Hopi, Zulu, Mayan, Hindu, and countless others. It was prophesied that all of humanity would experience a giant leap in consciousness. The world and Earth as we now know it would undergo major transformations, from bizarre weather changes to the collapsing of world economies. We are in the midst of currently experiencing all of this now.

These quickened energies or high vibrating frequencies are causing much of the old to surface in extreme forms for cleansing. What we must do now is raise our own energy signatures to a higher frequency to flow easily with these changes.  What we are experiencing is truly wonderful! But if you are not grounded in LOVE, the events of today can be easily misinterpreted as something to be feared. Do not fear because this change is inevitable.

Fear will only keep you vibrating at a low frequency, therefore, causing you to attract much of the unwanted (old) into your life. It is our time to be joyful and begin creating the Peace on Earth that so many desire.

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