Face-to-Face Coaching Session

A 1 on 1, face-to-face coaching session is usually met at the clients home, or at a location approved by both the client and coach. Flower of Life Coach is an online coaching practice where it caters predominately to clients who prefer online sessions via live chat, video chat, or phone. However, we do realize and serve the many clients who feel most comfortable having a face-to-face encounter.

(Travel time considered)

1.0 Hour


Phone Session, Live Chat, and Video Chat

A 1 on 1, phone session is met through phone.

A 1 on 1, live chat session is met through Live Chat Helper, an online chat service. (No app required)

A 1 on 1, video chat session is met through Talky, an online video chat service. (Free app required for mobile phones only)

1.0 Hour


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(Phone, video chat, live chat formats only.)