Give Your Worst, I'll Give My Best

“Is it possible to give your best when someone gives you their absolute worst?” 



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It’s not always easy giving others your kindness and patience when they’re not giving you theirs, but it’s not at all impossible to do, either. In this blog, I want to share a few tips on how to give your best when you find others giving you the worst version of themselves.


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As society continues to “modernize” it will also continue to provide us with many distractions. The many distractions that we endure on a regular basis will cause, overtime, a lack of focus as well as anxieties which eventually leads to short tempers.    But we do have a choice . We can either always stay plugged into the world’s chatterbox, or unplug every chance we get to use the quiet time for self reflection. 

Self Reflection
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Since I’ve written before about “thoughts becoming things” and also how huge a role emotions play in this process, I’m not going to elaborate on this  topic  in great detail here. However, I do wish to stress the importance of at least understanding this basic concept. Thoughts, along with emotions, do create everything that is experienced. There is no-thing that is experienced by us without our magnetizing or attracting the thing/experience into our vortex, or electromagnetic field.  So, whatever it is that you are experiencing right now whether you perceive it to be good or bad, understand that you’ve attracted the experience by your constant thoughts (beliefs) and emotions (fear/allowance) that you are projecting out into the world.


If someone is giving me their worst (their yelling and contentious behavior, as well as their lying and deceit), there is a vibration that I am resonating on that is lining up with the same slow, dense frequency the other person is also choosing to emit. It really is just that simple. No, I may not be thinking lies and deceit but I may frequently be worried, angry or sad about something. These thoughts and emotions, when practiced on a regular basis, will ultimately place me in the vicinity of experiences emitted from others with similar thoughts and emotions. When thoughts and emotions become chronically warped due to excessive fear-based thinking such as worry, guilt, and insecurity, the experiences to be had will have no choice but to mirror the incessantly warped belief system I am choosing to practice on a daily basis.


Man getting an idea

Coming to terms with the idea that I can choose what I experience by what I choose to think and feel, empowers me because I know that if I am not readily enjoying my experience I can change it as easily as changing my thoughts. Old, stubborn beliefs and practices are often hard to break, no doubt, but with focused intention, old patterns begin to fall away with new and healthy ones taking their place.  


 How To Give Your Best In Any Situation


To give your best when others give their worst will be a challenge at first. Hopefully by making a few adjustments to your perception, readily presenting the highest version of yourself in any situation, over time, will become a lot easier. 


Two groups of people exist in this world, and they are:

  1.  Those who are aware of their potential to create their own lives, and
  2.  Those who believe that life is happening to them. 


People who are aware of their potential to create are people who make life happen. These people are not necessarily those who society would label the “go getters” of this world but are the people who truly understand the workings of how the inner world operates. These people know who they are, they are always aware that they have choices, and these are the people who have learned one of the most valuable lessons of all – how to stop taking life so personal


People who believe that life is happening to them often fail to see that choices are always available to them in every situation. Usually they’ll have a “victim mentality” and tend to blame others for their unwanted experiences. Rising above the “tit for tat” mode to reach for a higher way of being can be extremely difficult when a person is operating from this mode of thinking, but there’s always a possibility for change.


When a person is ready to make that leap from victim to victor, here are just a few practical tips that I use myself to rise to the occasion of giving my best when someone has chosen to give their absolute worst.


Tips On How To Give Your Best

In Any Situation


Tip #1: To Thy Own Self Be True

When I made a promise to always be true to myself years ago, I found myself falling short of that promise a lot. In the beginning I had vowed to stay the course of my dreams but often found myself off my path for want of trying to please someone else. As I began to notice my stagnating life, I knew I had to change.  Eventually I realized why it was so easy for me to get off course.  It was because I really didn’t know who I was and what I really wanted. 


Knowing who I am is crucial to knowing what I want in life. I know now that I am an inquisitive person and I like learning new things. So, I try to be very aware of the situations I put myself in. Whether it’s in  a relationship or a job, if I can’t ask questions and I’m not permitted to grow in it then I know that it’s not for me and I’ll have to move on. 


I also know that I am a peaceful person and I’d rather solve things in a peaceful fashion. If I’m then in a situation where I know that the other party is not wanting what I want, do I continue ignoring who I am and what I want? To give your best in every situation that you may find yourself in, ask yourself these two important questions. Who am I really? And, what do I really want? 


Tip #2: Know That You Always Have A Choice

One of my pet-peeves in life is when people claim they don’t have a choice. There is one thing about life and that is Life will never ask to be lived without presenting a plethora of experiences to choose from. We may not be aware of the choices available to us but the choices, however, are always available in any given situation. 


“What of the child born with a disability? What choice does she have?” Even in this situation the choice is clear. The child can either choose to live with the disability with dignity and grace, or choose to fight it every single day for the rest of his or her life. If we dare begin to look at things differently, the soul may have chosen the disabled body to understand life on a deeper level. One of my favorite authors once said something that has continued to stay with me even until now:


 “If you don’t like it, change it. If you can’t change it then change your attitude about it.” Maya Angelou


If I’m in a hostile situation where my ego is being threatened, I need to know that I do have a choice of whether to continue trying to protect my ego or understand that my ego does not need protected.  I have a choice to either walk away from the hostile situation, or continue feeding the flame until the situation evolves to a point where I now need to protect my physical body. To give your best which would you decide?


Tip#3: Don’t Take Life So Personal

This tip is a lot more difficult to implement than the others. If you haven’t yet learned how to detach from your experiences, you will find yourself still subject to being tossed to and fro emotionally.  When we fully understand that our soul’s (sole) purpose is to expand from the contrast that arises, we will see that every experience, individually and collectively experienced, is created by us and for us


Again, our beliefs and emotions create everything that is experienced in our reality. The contrast that is a result of our creations is to be the gauge we are to use to tweak our reality(s) to our liking. If you want to be happy, never wait for anyone to come on the scene to make you happy. You have to start being happy. When your focus becomes being happy no matter where you go then you’ll easily begin to share that happiness everywhere you go. 


When you are truly happy, the rude person who flips you off because he doesn’t like the way you drive won’t set you off. When you are in your happy place more than not you no longer see the behavior of others, when directed toward you, as something to be taken personal. You see it for what it truly is. They’re just simply not happy. 



I would love for you to leave a comment below to let me know how you give your best when others are giving you their worst.

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As we continue to understand more about how the Universe operates, we’ll see clearly how less physical work and more spiritual work do generate more income and an overall means of support for one’s well being.

Through experience, we’ll come to notice that the less we think on thoughts of fear, the less we will react to them. When we intentionally filter through mental thoughts and choose the ones that make us feel good, the means of making money open. Customers begin to respond in great numbers, and the marketing just seems to take care of itself. Dream jobs are offered, or the opportunities to land our dream job magically appears. And when we’re inspired to make a move, it’s also easy and fluid. We are in the right place, at the right time, meeting up with the right people, receiving the right information. It never fails.


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But when we react to fearful thoughts such as business is not doing well, or I need to find a job fast, and so on. Our world will begin to show a reflection as though looking in a distorted mirror. We realize that by thinking and vibrating from that state of focus or awareness, we tend to create many unwanted and unnecessary experiences. The means of making money gets blockages which over time ultimately closes altogether. 

This Art of Allowing (a phrase coined by the extraordinary Abraham Hicks) is the key to staying in the receptive mode in all aspects of life. When allowing life to flow freely in and through you, life pretty much takes care of itself. Everything becomes easy because you align with who you really are, closing the gap between your ego (self) and your Inner Being (God Self).  

Once this gap closes, so much of your desires begin to manifest, even the forgotten ones. Health becomes your dominate state, and the aging process will begin to slow down as well. People around you will think that you are one of the luckiest people alive, but all you’re just being is an opened and willing channel for the Source of Infinite Potentiality to express Itself through with no limitations. This makes life, in a literal sense, a joyful experience. 


How Do I Work Less And Still Pay My Bills?

If you’ve asked this question then you’re not yet where you’re needed to put this concept to use. What you are emitting right now are signals of lack. Lack of time and freedom because you desire to work less, and lack of money because of your awareness of your need for it. But don’t worry, life is just showing you the contrast of what you really want your life to become. And now that life knows what you want, it has created it already on a certain vibratory frequency. It is up to you now to trust (allow) that it’s done then tune into it with the vibration of appreciation.

This vibration opens you up to receive everything emitting the same vibration. This process keeps you in-tune with the vibrations of love, the stream of well-being (all that is good), keeping as well that steady flow of what may appear to others as “luck”,  coming your way. 


How Do I Trust And Allow When My Rent Is Due?


This is definitely an understandable concern. Not many of us put much trust in the intangible such as the spirit world because that would be considered wishful thinking. Oh sure, some of us may have learned of having faith from our families and religious communities but really understanding what “trust and allow” really means then applying it on a regular basis is what helps our seed of faith grow into a strong, tall tree producing what others may interpret as miracles. But it’s not miracles at all.

Operating from faith or practicing the Art of Allowing is just putting to use a basic universal law of attraction that conveys the idea that “what you think and feel about on a regular basis will always be drawn to you”.

Here are just a few simple steps to hopefully help you with planting, cultivating and growing your seed of faith into a strong, healthy tree that will eventually produce for you the results that you desire:



First, establish a clear picture of what you want. This is very important because if you don’t really know what you want then it will be very difficult placing your focus on it. Not knowing what you want is like planting a seed then forgetting you’ve planted it, digging in that same spot and planting another seed. What will happen is one of two things. Nothing will grow or you will produce something unrecognizable and unwanted.  

  • To help with establishing a clear picture of what you want, create a vision board and hang it in a place where you’ll often be reminded of your vision. Seeing your vision on a daily basis will help with receiving new ideas and it will also keep the ones who currently hate their jobs, mindful of the fact that what they’re doing right now is simply just a stepping stone to where they’re wanting to go.
  • You can also purchase a journal or sketchbook and write out or draw what you want to see take place in your life. There’s no need to be an artist when it comes to drawing out what you want.  Whenever you write or draw out an idea, your subconscious just simply picks up on the message and relays it to the universe.   

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Once you’ve established what you want, now get happy about receiving it. I’m certain many people have been exposed to the “happiness” craze that’s sweeping our globe. If you haven’t been exposed to it then I suggest you do.  

  • Again when something is not tangible it gets written off as flakey. If it doesn’t appeal to the five senses then it’s considered to be of no importance to most people. But what’s becoming common knowledge now to those of us who are catching on to the fact that our world and the universe operates on unseen forces such as energy, vibration, and frequency, we know that the key to success in anything is to think and behave (emotionally) as though we’ve already achieved it. 
  • Consistently staying in the vibration of appreciation attracts to you people, ideas, opportunities and other needed resources vibrating at that same frequency to further your cause. When you’re consistently in a state of worry, agitation or fear, you will most likely attract people who are also vibrating at that same frequency, therefore, receiving no new ideas, opportunities, and resources for the change you so desperately seek. 



Last, get out of the way of what you’re wanting and let the pathway to it unfold easily. This is where ‘trust and allow’ is put to use. Often when we ask for something we immediately jump into action mode. This is a huge mistake. Yes, I know, we’ve been taught that if you want anything in life you will have to act on it. And while this is true to some degree, it should not be applied blindly. 

  • Example: Eric desires to make more money but he knows it’s not possible with his current job, and he doesn’t want to give up any more time to work another job, either. Eric, however, knows that to change his situation he has to ACT on it. At least, that’s what he’s been taught to believe. So, what does Eric do?
  • Eric sees that he has but a few options available. He could take a few classes at a local college or online but then he realizes that would probably cost him the money he didn’t have. He could sell drugs or better yet some of the prized possessions he had collected over the years online to try and make some extra money, or he could get a part-time job. Now, thinking about selling drugs or departing from his prized possessions just makes Eric feel anxious and depressed, so he decides to go get a part-time job.
  • Even though Eric realizes he’ll be giving more time to another job (what he doesn’t want to do), he reasons with himself that it will be only 4 extra hours a day and just 2 to 3 days out of the week. Something he could possibly live with. Right? But most of us who have been in Eric’s shoes knows that’s how it always starts but is rarely how it ever ends. Soon the 4 extra hours turn into 6 then 8, and the 2 to 3 days turn into 7. 
  • What Eric just did is like so many of us do. He planted a seed, forgot or didn’t realize that he had just planted one, grabbed another seed then planted it right on top of the first one. He doesn’t have a clear picture of what he wants and most importantly, he doesn’t realize the power of his thought and his own fertile soil (mind) that when left alone to its own germination process would have caused the first seed to grow in perfect alignment with his desire. Just as with planting a seed in your garden you would not keep digging it up to see if it’s growing, nor would you keep planting a different seed on top. You would tend to it by watering it occasionally then ALLOWING the germination process to take its course. 
  • Initially, the seed Eric planted was his desire to make more money. Watering his seed would have been  tending to his vibration. Keeping his vibration in a state of appreciation would have ensured that his seed received all that it needed to flower. And when the time came for action it would have come from a place of inspiration (inspired action), keeping him always on the unfolding path to accomplishing his vision. 


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Imagine coming to the understanding that your only purpose of existence here on Earth is to have crazy FUN! That’s it! Nothing else! You are here to have a ton of fun and just be happy. Wouldn’t knowing that cause you to perceive life differently? 

We  are here to create from contrast.


  The Earth is our decadent playground, filled with a variety of sounds, sights, textures, tastes, and scents. It is our duty to experience all that we can while in the physical form, all the while expanding spiritually from the contrast it brings. Once we’ve understood that we are here solely to create and not react to life’s experiences, the same experience that may lead us to believe that life is a drudgery can also help us gain the understanding that life can, too, be just as easy and fun.  

How To Become a Conscious Creator and Not Just a Reactor to Life



  Expecting someone to not react to life is like expecting that same person to not gasp for air when drowning. It’s not going to happen. The body is innately wired to protect itself, and unfortunately sometimes even to its own demise. But with the right balance of focusing on what’s wanted in life and allowing the universe to bring it into existence, many wonderful and new possibilities begin to emerge. We start to get how it all works, becoming the powerful creators intended. And when that happens, life stops being the scary, unpredictable train wreck we’ve all bought into.


If you lost all of your possessions in this instant, after getting over the initial shock of it all, you would most likely go through a series of emotions before letting go of the experience and moving on. Initially, most of us go through emotions of fear, anger, a mourning process to continue on through the emotions of acceptance then hope. But If you’ve never learned how to shut down the fearful chatter going on in your head, you’re most likely going to keep revisiting the emotions of fear and anger, which eventually leads to emotions of anxiety and depression.  

Trying to find a solution from low vibratory states of anxiety and depression will only keep more of those unwanted experiences on that frequency active. In order to stay in the higher emotional states of acceptance, hope then gratitude, clearing the mind of senseless chatter and thinking only on things that are good will help place you in the alignment needed to find the solution to any and all problems



How does fun fit into all of this?



I believe that having fun and also learning how to become a master creator is what we’ve initially agreed to do here on Earth. The reason for our being here is really not at all that serious. We make life serious by needing to find it purposeful instead of just having fun by doing the things we desire to do. And yes, a person can predominately do the things he or she desires and still be a responsible human being.

 It’s unfortunate that as we grow up we begin to make getting money our only focus instead of being happy. Of course, many of us think that once we get the money the happiness will follow, but that’s rarely how it ever happens. Once we understand that it is the happiness that we’re really after, we’ll begin putting our focus on what really matters and start creating the fun and exciting lives many of us truly desire and deserve. 


For more information on how to make “having fun” your #1 priority  in life, and how this simple change in mind-set will bring more fun, more freedom, and more wealth with ease, subscribe and become a member today! 


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