Adrienne Daniels, Flower of Life Coach Adrienne Daniels, Flower of Life Coach
Hi, I’m Flower75! And it’s time I introduce myself. My biggest passions in life are learning and sharing. So, I do hope that you find what I’m sharing with you of great use and of great inspiration,. Thanks for slowing down a bit to read.

  How To Turn A Passion To A Profit


This is a very personal endeavor for me – turning a passion to a profit. Just a few years ago, I saw myself making a living tapping away at my laptop while sipping on a cup of my favorite coffee and on occasion, glancing out my window for some inspiration. At that time, my idea of what type of website business I wanted to operate was very broad. All that mattered was that I gave consultations because coaches offered consultations to make money. 


Of course my vision was limited because I didn’t know much about how the online business world worked.  I just simply operated from the old concept of how a typical consultant operated.  But as my business continued to grow I also continued to grow, and my focus of what I was really wanting for my business began to sharpen. I am still to this day evolving in my business concept. 


Focus is key to projecting my vision out into the world. I alone know what I want my life to become. But when I stop paying attention to the subtle winks and nudges the Universe is willing to give me along the way, creating my world then becomes a lot more difficult and a lot less fun. 


Usually when I find I’m not paying attention it is because I’ve gotten too distracted by the world around me. Aaah, the world! Everyone’s nemesis! How to be in it but not of it, is life’s riddle. It doesn’t take much to pull anyone out of their world of infinite possibilities into this current projected world of “negative Neds and Nellies”. Having a full-proof method of escape back to your focus is vital.


Maintaining Focus, Eliminating Fear


The energy of fear has caused so many of us to remain in unwanted relationships, situations, and even jobs for years before finally making the much needed move toward change. Unfortunately, some of us never do make a  change but continue to complain as if complaining is going to actually make the change. 


While fear is a huge reason many do not realize their passions, the inability to focus is also another factor why so  many stay in unwanted circumstances.


Working for someone else is never a bad thing. What’s bad is working for someone else for the rest of your life and having an idea, but too afraid to implement it. Remember, it’s much easier to tolerate doing something you hate if what you hate is used solely as a stepping stone to accomplishing a certain goal in life. We all need each other to create the life we want. No one can do it alone. 


If you have a passion but not quite sure how to make a profit with it, here are several examples of skills/hobbies along with a variety of platforms that can hopefully help anyone looking to make a profit get started in the right direction. 


Passion To Profit Tips And Tools

To begin, I’ll attempt to define what a passion is. A “passion” for me is a hobby or skill that I enjoy doing so much that when I’m engaged it can cause me to lose track of a great deal of time. I also enjoy this hobby or skill so much that I’m either thinking and/or talking about it often, or I’m at least trying to do this hobby or skill as often as I can. 

What Is Your Passion?

  • Write down your passion. This is a skill or hobby that you lose all track of time doing, and you think about it and/or try to do it as often as you can.
  • If you lose interest in your passion when you think of trying to make money from it. (Stop here.)
  • If you get more excited about your passion when you think of making money from it.(Continue on with this article)



  1. Make some samples of your cooking/baking and share at work, church, or any other organization you are a part of. Slowly build a small clientele, take a few orders for the holidays or special events to get started then increase orders as you’re able to handle them. 
  2. Creating food recipes and selling them online is another way to make money from your cooking/baking passion. Here are several online platforms that are willing to pay you for your food recipes and/or tips: Cuisine At Home Magazine ,  AllRecipes  , andTaste of Home . For submitting your recipes to contests, Contest Cook  is one of the largest cooking recipe submission directories online.
  3. If you don’t mind writing quality content, starting a food blog is another way to profit from your passion. To help inspire you to creating your very first fantastic food blog, check out a few of these how-to blogs here:

Cookie + Kate

The Blog Starter

The Balance


Know how much to charge for your home-baked goods  

  1. Believe it or not, there are some companies willing to pay individuals to play 18 hole rounds of golf to help evaluate golf courses countrywide. Here are two of them: BARE International  and Intelli-Shop .
  2. Become a golf trainer/instructor and earn money doing what you love. How to become a Certified Golf Teacher, Coach, or Instructor .
  3. Start your own blog or YouTube Channel. Create and sell online courses teaching golfing.

How To Play Business Golf


Sewing/Arts & Crafts


  1. There is nothing more thrilling than creating something with your own hands. If you love to sew, make jewelry, crochet, knit, weave, wood carve, or sculpt, here are 3 top online websites you can sell your creations and make a good profit:  Etsy , Ebay , ArtPal.


How To Sew Items To Sell




  1. Who doesn’t love to doodle? Yes, a doodle can actually make you some cash. Companies are always looking for icons, special fonts, logos, you name it. If you can draw even a little bit then you can earn money with your skill.
  2. Painters, you too can make money by selling your charcoal, oil, watercolor, or acrylic masterpieces. Here are a few companies looking for your talent whether you draw or paint: ShowFlipper ,  ArtPal, Fine Art America .


  1. Earning money while shopping is nothing new, however, the concept has definitely evolved. Instead of downloading apps that will help you save money or give you cash back, here is a  creative idea that will actually create a steady  income for the passionate shopper: 


How To Make Money Shopping



1. Selling stock photos to companies have now become easier with the convenient “take a snapshot then download it” apps that have become available for iOS and Android. Here are 3 online companies that will buy your pics for $100 or more: Shutterstock , SmugMug Pro , and 500PX .   




If you have a hobby/skill not listed here and would like to know how to make a profit from it, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to add it here. And don’t forget to subscribe to receive more money making tips and regular updates as well as this free ebook, “The Art of Living Your Passion”.

What do you say we just stop pretending? When we just shake our heads after hearing about some horrendous, unfortunate act of victimization then go about our business as though all is fine, we’re pretending. Or, we’re just as crazy as the perpetrators! But honestly, I don’t think that the majority of us are crazy or even pretending. I think the majority of us are just simply overwhelmed. It’s just too damn much!



Of course, I get it. It’s easier to shake our heads then try to tuck the negative news away on a shelf along with the rest of the insane nonsense encountered on a daily.  But guess what? It’s still in our faces. All of it is still in our faces, and it’s going to continue to be in our faces until it has grown into something we are going to wish to the heavens we had put a stop to. Or, at least tried!


So, we become paralyzed and do nothing. We think that one person is just a drop in the ocean  and won’t be able to make much of an impact in the world. Besides, the world is too far gone anyway so why do anything at all?


What?!! So, we just ride it out?


Well, I won’t ride it out! I’m going to do all I can to be a part of the trailblazing, positive force needed to change this wacky world. And deep down you know you want to be a part of that trailblazing force, too. 


Weren’t you born with the same rights to experience love, wealth and happiness as everyone else on this planet? You are entitled! But entitlement doesn’t come to those who don’t believe they are. Stop believing what those “too big for their own britches to fail” government officials say when they try to make you feel bad about your natural entitlement rights. Hell yes, you’re entitled! Why wouldn’t you be? They feel entitled to do whatever they need to live lavish and large even when it’s off of your hard earned dollars, and without any apology. So, stop apologizing when you’re just trying to get the basics for survival, and trying to get it the right way. Through hard work!


Listen to his ridiculous statements! Food?!

I digress.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, we were talking about how we’re going to change this mess of a world. And in order to do this, we must think in terms of “liquidation”. Everything must go! All over the world, we have to revamp the system. Gut it out! This is a world epidemic! And we can’t change the world if we continue to allow the same people with the same thinking pass the laws, run the businesses, teach our children, control our food sources, tell us who or what God is, and have an ill intent on making us sick for profit. But most importantly, we must first  begin the change with ourselves 


It is time for you (you know who you are) and I to stand up strong and tall in a fierce intent to shift our lives and this world completely from the old, destructive energies to the new, life-affirming energies. We are the mid-wives assisting in this difficult but glorious birth of a brand new world to come. Are you with me?

Often I hear of some of the most excellent ideas from people wanting to create more  conscious businesses  that are truly for the betterment of humanity. Are you one of those people? Or, maybe you’ve shared with family or friends the many things that are wrong with our school system and what you’d do to change it. Maybe you’ve even mentioned a thing or two on Facebook expressing a few brilliant bullet points on how you’d address differently certain current political issues. Whatever the skill, if you feel compassionate enough about it to want to make a difference with it then it’s time you start shining your light to become the much-needed leadership for changing the world. . 

So, here’s the plan. First take this Conscious Business Assessment Test  to see if you’re ready for entrepreneurship. Next download these free  worksheets  to help cultivate and outline your passion to understand more clearly how you can turn it into a conscious and sustainable business that will benefit the world. The world doesn’t need another business, the world needs a conscious business. So, think of your business in terms of not only benefiting people but also benefiting the planet as well. Or, use the worksheets to create a proposal designed to revamp the educational, political, and healthcare arenas. Learn  how to write a grant  to obtain the funds you’ll need to  get your ideas off the paper and into the world.


If you have a desire to help change the world but not the desire to start a business or work in any of these capacities, your positive intention is still very much needed for shifting these old, tired energies out of the way to make way for the new. Believe it or not, intentionally living from the heart still contributes toward the greater good for all. 



Contributing to the energy shift of our planet can take many different forms. For instance, growing a small garden  on your porch, backyard, or even a window box can be a wonderful way to get things moving in a positive direction. Think about it, if you and your family are growing and eating toxic-free foods, you’ll be more likely to want a toxic-free society. Also, your neighbors can become curious, start asking questions then next thing you know more of your neighbors are now growing their own gardens. Soon a community garden  pops up and the possibilities become endless. 

Get the Shoestring Gardener ebook today! 300 Pages of Eco-Friendly, Creatively Frugal How-Tos, Remedies and Tips


Our world is just simply an idea. It is a collective belief that can either serve us or destroy us. When we choose to intentionally shift our world concept to serving the planet and all of its inhabitants, we will truly be on the right road to a glorious recovery. If you haven’t subscribed with us already, become a  member and schedule for your free i-Coaching session today!

Share with us your ideas on how we can shift from zeros to heroes.