Walking: The Perfect Low-Impact Exercise

Looking To Get In Shape?

Start Walking


Since the quarantine, many Americans have probably put on a few extra pounds, and now that summer has come and is just about at its end, we need some practical ways to continue to shed that unwanted, extra weight to start feeling confident again. 


But being out of shape is just part of the problem. These most recent events have caused us to lose our focus in a lot of other different areas as well. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and getting back to being active throughout the day is, however, the perfect place to start getting back on track. 


Before You Can Learn To Jog, You Must Learn To Walk

So many people want to start out in their exercise regimen at full throttle which is commendable, but the problem with that is you’ll most likely burn out faster than if you were to start out slow and steady. 


Walking is the perfect low-impact exercise that can be done every single day, and not only that, it can be done in small increments as well. Walking is easy to do, you don’t need any special equipment and you can start at the fitness level that you are most comfortable with. 


If you’re like most of us, chances are you haven’t exercised much and need to start small. Just grab those comfortable sneakers, and find that perfect path to stroll. And don’t fret, if it’s not the best weather to take that stroll, you can either take a walk in your nearest mall, or you could even walk in place while watching your favorite tv show.


Start off by taking brisk 5-7 minute walks at first, up and down your driveway or neighborhood street. Increase the time and distance as you build up stamina and confidence by walking in a nearby park or a parking lot after business hours. Get the most out of your walks by going up as many inclines as you can find. Walking just 15-20 minutes a day is all you’ll need. 


The main focus is that you get up, and begin moving around. Who knows? You may end up running that marathon you’ve always said you would. 

Walking Can Make You Rich


Okay, well not exactly. Walking for 20 minutes or more can’t actually make you rich, but walking can actually give you better clarity so that you can possibly come up with that million-dollar idea. 


More studies are showing greater amounts of evidence that walking is the mind’s medicine. Not only has walking been found to reduce stress and anxiety, but it is also known to reduce cognitive decline and dementia. Walking is a link to improved thinking and optimal brain health. 


And the benefits of walking don’t stop there….


  1. Walking strengthens the lung’s capacity to take in more oxygen which helps the brain with better cognitive functioning.
  2. Walking, of course, strengthens the leg muscles. But did you know that walking strengthened the heart muscle, too?
  3. Walking releases endorphins, and endorphins make us happy.
  4. Believe it or not, walking reduces fatigue. Yes, walking will increase your body’s energy. And you’ll need a lot of energy to carry all that money to the bank from that great idea you’ll get from walking.


Just kidding….


Don’t forget to discuss your walking plans with your doctor if you feel you need to. The two of you can put your heads together to come up with a plan that’s appropriate and safe for you. 


Again, just begin where you are. Don’t try to be superman (or, woman) on your first day but start steady and slow, and, if done regularly, your body will receive the right amount of exercise that it will need to stay strong and healthy. Ready for that walk? Let’s go!


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