If you are a faithful student of life, obviously you’ll become exposed to a lot of anti-societal theories. Asking a lot of questions will undeniably attract a lot of answers. Your job is to be discerning enough to know which answers you will allow to stay and serve as somewhat of an influence in your life, and which answers you will not.

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How To Stay The Course





When Everyone Else 

Is Jumping Ship

Since the COVID-19 epidemic was sprung upon us, where has this sudden change of events found you? If unemployed. Are you finding yourself ill-equipped to weather the storms of uncertainty? Or, are you finding yourself enjoying your abruptly-given time off, putting your newly found freedom to great use? 


For so long we have focused on the health of our body and the health of our mind.  And while our attention on these areas is extremely important it is equally important, if not more, that we begin focusing on the health of our spirit as well.

How Is Your Spirit Health?

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How To Become A Virtual Assitant

When you’re faced with any crisis, the best way to try handling it is in a calm fashion. Right? Sometimes a crisis has to happen in order to create something beautiful. It’s all about how the crisis is perceived. One man’s hell can ultimately become another man’s heaven. Today the COVID-19 crisis should be perceived no differently.


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Did you know that “Trump” means “Deceiver”? Watch this video to learn more about the hidden uses of the English language in Lesson 2 of Their Way With Words.  Watch Now

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This self-assessment test is composed of 3 areas to help you understand your personality, your motive(s), and your knowledge on how to be a successful conscious business owner.

Conscious Business Owner Assessment Test

Find out if you’re a conscious business owner!

The World Is Just Simply A Concept.

Change The Concept, You Change The World.