How To Prepare

                                       For The End Of The World

                                                                                 (Not what you think)

…The love of life is everything, but let’s be honest. The world as we know it is not sustainable.  Either we end the world ourselves, shifting gradually and gracefully into newer and better ways of thinking, or we let the world collapse and be forced to make the necessary changes to survive. 

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For many years we’ve focused on the health of our body and brain, and while our attention on these areas is extremely important, it is equally important to begin focusing on our spirit health as well. What is Spirit Health? It is the balance of both mind and emotional health.

How Is Your Spirit Health?

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Get a fresh, new alternative perception of how this world really operates.

Gain More Control Over Your Life!

Gain more control over your life by becoming a Virtual Assistant

How To Become A Virtual Assitant

When you’re faced with any crisis, the best way to try handling it is in a calm fashion. Right? Sometimes a crisis has to happen in order to create something beautiful. It’s all about how the crisis is perceived.
Coal Pendant With Bird Design from Colombia

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Coal, an unexciting derivative of carbon found deep in the earth, has been carefully hand-carved and polished into this abstract bird pendant. Handmade by young artisans from the Morca Coal Project in Colombia. Learn more about this Fair Trade Product.  Click Here 


There are so many things we can be in this world. Why not Bee Kind? Be kind to your neighbor, be kind to your co-worker, be kind while you drive. Give this “Be Kind” sweatshirt to a friend, a loved one, or just wear it as a reminder that being kind is the ultimate goal worth attaining. Shop Now .

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Thinking Outside The Concept Topics:

Journey Into The World Of Healing Sound Frequency 

Flower of Life Coach



Freedom: A Right Or Mental Illness?

Flower of Life Coach

Work From Home Business Ideas:

How To Turn A Passion To A Profit

While fear is a huge reason many do not realize their passions, the inability to focus is also another factor why so many stay in unwanted circumstances.

How To Earn Money As An Affiliate Marketing

The most common options-to-date for making money online is affiliate marketing and e-commerce/dropshipping.

This self-assessment test is composed of 3 areas to help you understand your personality, your motive(s), and your knowledge on how to be a successful conscious business owner.

Conscious Business Owner Assessment Test

Find out if you’re a conscious business owner!

The World Is Just Simply A Concept.

Change The Concept, You Change The World.