If you are a faithful student of life, obviously you’ll become exposed to a lot of anti-societal theories. Asking a lot of questions will undeniably attract a lot of answers. Your job is to be discerning enough to know which answers you will allow to stay and serve as somewhat of an influence in your life, and which answers you will not. 

Terms ” conspiracy and theory” are misunderstood a great deal here in America because we’ve been either purposely or accidentally misguided into believing that, when placed together, these two words become a really bad thing. And without knowing its actual intent. To “conspire” means – to perform in unison an act or acts to bring about a set goal. To go by this definition would mean that almost everything that we do then is a conspiracy. Conspiring with others is a much-needed societal interaction. Wouldn’t you agree?

The term “theory” means – an explanation or perception of anything that is subject to further experimentation. In other words, the perception of anything can change at any given time. Now the perceptions of some things, obviously, can not be changed.  For example, it is perceived that water is wet which is a fact, not a theory. The perception of water being wet will never be subject to further experimentation to prove that it is not wet. Or, that water is needed for the survival of all of life. is also a proven perception. 

But explanations such as, How old our Earth is , How dinosaurs lived, How ancient cultures lived, How the Universe was created, Who and what is God, and so forth and so on. These are the subjects on which much speculation is made because these subjects can not be proven.  So, since these explanations are and can be subject to further experimentation, why then do we believe them as factual?

Be Wise As Serpents, and

Harmless As Doves.

Of course, the more answers sought after, the more questions will arise. The rabbit hole widens and deepens but with diligence , a lot of what appears to be a bunch of random, chaotic, mythological nonsense will! begin making some degree of sense a little at a time. 

A majority of the information you will receive will be relatable, but there’ll be some explanations given of some subjects that will be downright baffling. Too farfetched for anyone in their right mind to believe. But often it is the extremely bizarre that is the most true. So be wide open to new material. 


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