Are We Living In A Simulated Reality?

by Sargeet Rao

If you really think deeply about it, we actually can create a new world with our thoughts, and we will, especially once we begin to understand that the world we live in is not at all real but just a concept(data/information). Once our thoughts begin to change, the world will begin to change.

A paradigm shift from fear to love will not come all at once. We will begin to transform into it gradually. Conceptual shifting, like everything else around us, is vibrational. To remain in lower vibrations such as resistance, hate, anger, and fear will pose an immense amount of difficulty when attempting to shift.

Those who have similar ideas wants and dreams of a better way to live will come together to bring this new world into being.  This new reality, as it strengthens, will eventually shut out the old reality of dysfunctional -ism to shed light on a new path to follow.

Seem unbelievable? Well, if we think about it, the very reality that we’re interacting in today once seemed just as far-fetched 30 or more years ago but here we are. In our current existence, we are simulating the science fiction novels and movies that directed our thinking then, so why not purposely take control now of that direction and create a movie that will have a happy ending for everyone?

It may seem like a difficult feat when it appears that the momentum of all the negative stories we are seeing and hearing is at its highest. We can, however, slow the momentum down to eventually reverse it. It will continue to go, however, in the direction we do not wish for it to go only if we continue to give the negative our attention. We have to be very careful about what we give our attention to.


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What we wish to see happen in our lives and for the collective is where our attention needs to be focused. Make it a habit every morning, throughout the day, and also before going to bed – to say out loud, to write down, and to visualize the positive changes you wish to see take place in your life and in the world. Do this habitually and watch what happens! Introducing new programming to your cellular body and to our cellular planet is like introducing new software to a computer to get a preferred outcome.  

Energy, regardless of the form it takes, is used as fuel. Oil, for instance, has been used to fuel entire nations for many years, causing the economies of these oil-rich nations and their allies to increasingly develop into world superpowers. Countries with a limited supply or access to this energy current were often left to progress relatively at a much slower pace.


Attention, believe it or not, is a currency or fueling source. “Paying” attention to something is equivalent to paying money for a product or a service to bring about a preferred condition. Paying attention to anything, whether positive or negative, will give it the fuel it needs to materialize into form.

The same holds true for the emotion of fear. Fear is an energy current that has been used for thousands of years to fuel wars, famines, crime, economies, etc. In 2020 alone, many “in-the-know” investors became rich by investing in masks, disinfectants, and vaccines. Some people became multi-millionaires in just a few short months. It is important to never underestimate the power of the currency of fear.

So, What Is A Simulation?

By definition, a simulation is (1) an imitation of a situation or process, (2) the action of pretending; or deception, and (3) the production of a computer model, especially for the purpose of studying. 

If we take the time to consider why we are all here, we can possibly see that our existence here on what we call Earth and the definitions of a simulation are similar in nature. But for the sake of keeping this article to a minimum, we will focus on the first definition only. 

Science tells us that when examining the body’s cellular structure through a microscope, we can see how it does mimic the macrocosmic universe on a microcosmic scale and that everything here on Earth contains the same atomic and molecular composition as the stars in our galaxy. So, if everything here on Earth is a microcosm of the Universal macrocosm then it may be safe to say that the universe itself may just as well be a microcosm of a much greater macrocosm, and beyond. 

When we study our societal systems, we can see that most individual family units mimic what’s considered to be the societal norms of that time. Societal norms are implemented by the governing body through its laws, institutions, and organizations. Is it possible that there may be a larger governing body that our Earth’s governments are mimicking and beyond?  

The point is, we are always mimicking everyone and everything around us. It is our natural state as well as that of nature. If simulating then is our natural course of existence, should we not wish to control who and what we are mimicking? 


Do We Learn At First By Imitation?

Understanding Free Will And Its Importance

If Free Will is ‘the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate, the ability to act at one’s own discretion’ then why do so many of us not consciously use it for our own benefit? 

Yes, free will is used daily by many of us in the choices we make, but many choices are made either from a lack of understanding of the power we have or from fear. Fear is never a good place to be when making any decisions. If a person is making choices under the constraint of necessity or feels as though their choices have been predetermined,  then the choices he/she makes will still be of their own volition, but are, unfortunately, made through the lens of ignorance. It is very important to understand free will and when used consciously, the powerful role it plays in our daily lives. 

Suppose life, and everything a part of it is a replica of itself, sharing the same sacred pattern and numerical sequence. In that case, it may be that we are explicitly created to simulate. Every life stage or level provides the necessary experiences needed for us to understand how each soul comes to this Earth equipped with free will. We face the consequences, too,  when we unconsciously use our free will or when we unconsciously infringe upon the free will of others. 

Leave a reply and tell us what you think. Are we living in a simulated reality? 


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