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12 Powerful Tips On How To Live More Intuitively

Living a more intuitive life can bring a sense of peace and fulfillment. By paying attention to your body, practicing mindfulness, trusting yourself, following your passions, reflecting on your values, and learning to let go, you can tap into your intuition and make choices that are authentic and meaningful.






Behind The Law of Attraction

When you finally reach that state of knowing that what you’ve asked for is available right now and is ready for you to enjoy, you will find that not only your desires will come to you easily but that they will become a reality fast.






Freedom: A Right or Mental Illness?

During the plantation era, Africans who wanted to escape from slavery were considered mentally deranged, even among other slaves. Slaves who wanted their freedom and who chose to ‘go against the grain’ were given a mental illness status and diagnosis by the name of ‘drapetomania’. 


A Complete Approach To Mental Health: Gut, Brain, and Spirit Connection

Eating a lot of foods high in lactic acid is the best way to fill our intestines with healthy bacteria. These include foods that have undergone fermentation, such as yogurt, pickled vegetables, kefir, and tofu. Lactic acid maintains an acidic bacterial lining in the intestines, which prevents harmful bacteria from entering your digestive tract which can later become a problem. 





Journey Into Sound Frequency Healing

The 432 Hertz (528Hz) has been known by many ancient cultures to be the “frequency of healing” and scientists today are seeing, too, that 432Hz can be used to repair DNA that has been damaged, as well. The 528Hz is considered the “miracle” note of the solfeggio scale and many have come to believe that it is one of nine essential frequencies of the “Perfect Circle of Sound” that materializes into our reality of physical life.




SEEK FOR A MORE DEEPER MEANING TO LIFERaising Fifth-Dimensional Children: Teaching by Example

Fifth-dimensional children that are arriving here on Earth are coming with more and more memory of who they are intact. Could it be then that this Earth’s educational system is just simply not connecting with and is more outdated for these children?