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Thoughts and Emotions Do Create Things


What can you imagine? If anything at all in this world were possible, what would you do, be, or have?  Would you take a trip to the nearest planet?  Become the first 3D Food Printer Engineer? Or, have the first existing, realistic avatar that will join you for dinner, carry on a conversation with friends and family members, and serve in as a stand-in for you at meetings? Twenty years ago, concepts such as these were considered fantasies, if they were considered at all.  Today, they are discussed as possibilities, and some are even in design as we speak.  The point is, everything first begins with a thought and as time progresses, these thoughts are carefully crafted then realized by the world as a manifestation or creation.



This concept of thoughts becoming things is not just reserved for world inventions but can be used as a tool for understanding how life works on a personal level, as well.  When it comes to manifesting things into our lives many of us create by default.  Many of us are unaware of the true power of Mind and how, when it is used correctly, can and will create the best life imaginable.


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A manifestation or creation is a thought that, when focused on long enough, is given the momentum needed to bring about all of the collaborative elements required to produce the desired result.  Thinking a thought over and over becomes a belief, and whether wanted or not it will manifest a result.  The belief now becomes the emotional momentum that will align in vibration to the people, places, and events needed to manifest the thought.  So, it is imperative to understand that the thoughts we think are about the things we truly desire to create in our lives.


Thoughts and emotions do become things,  and since anything in this world is possible – 

What will you imagine?


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