Feng Shui Kit



Feng Shui Kit

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The Complete Feng Shui Kit is an incredible tool!

Protect yourself and your family this year. Learn how using this Feng Shui kit can change your life!


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We give you all the tools to bring about positive change in your self and your surroundings. All of these items can be purchased on our site as individual products, but this kit was designed to bring together all the important elements for de-cluttering, cleansing and setting up yourself, home and office for wealth, love and happiness.

This kit, has been empowered with Qi energy and positive intentions, making it invaluable for the New Year or anytime you need some Feng Shui!

This kit includes complete instructions It also includes 1 compass, 2 kinds of cleansing incense, an incense holder, a bagua mirror, Wellness Buddha mini statue, the Feng Shui Empowerment Pouch with 5 crystal tumblestones, and an I Ching Coin all included in a beautiful embroidered bag and it comes with a valuable FREE GIFT.

Feng Shui Kit   $39.95

[wp_cart_button name=”Feng Shui Kit” price=”39.95″ shipping=”5.50″]