How To Change Your Belief In This Current World’s Reality

It’s truly easier said than done. Attempting to break away from this current world’s story is akin to attempting to survive without water. But we can all survive without this world’s story, not water. In fact, we will all be much better off if we did break from the current narration of what this world supposedly is and how it’s intended to work. Wouldn’t you agree?

The people of the world are at a crossroads right now. Do we continue down the same path? Or, do we change our path for a future that’s brighter, and that includes everyone? Respecting everyone and our planet. Some people will receive these words as nothing more than just naivete. That we are already doomed and there’s no saving us. To an extent, that is true. But this is where it gets deep. What the world is projecting is not what you have to believe. Yes, this world project is a masterfully, planned out agenda that guides you, the viewer, into believing what the narrators want you to believe. The television (telling you what to vision) is the invention that was created to do just that – to orchestrate the belief system of the masses. 

This contraption has fed us so many lies throughout the years, via the news, movies, politics, historical dramas, etc. It was designed to captivate and entertain, of course, but it was also designed to guide our belief system in the direction that the puppeteers wished for us to go. Today, we are at a climax in this “world movie” that you are willingly playing a part in. It is your choice, however, to continue to play as the expendable characters that they have set aside for you. YOUR CHOICE!

Remember, you have always the free will to participate by believing in the narration. That is your participation, your belief. Do you still believe that the conspirators have your best interest in mind? Do you believe that the conspirators have always wanted peace throughout the nations? Do you believe that you are not being controlled still, even under their deceptive disguise of democracy? 

The choice is up to you, to continue to believe in their lies or to begin believing in yourself. That each one of us has the inner shakti to create a new world that operates in truth and love. Which world do you wish to live in? 


Government is a philosophical deception. It is a philosophy that the so-called great philosophist, Aristotle, announced as a needed concept that if ruled by those who had enough time on their hands to pursue virtue, would be of a great deal of success. In all honesty, no person who wishes to govern will ever have the best interest of the people in mind, but only their own self-interest of power. To continue to choose any person or people to rule over you is to willingly give over your own power to another. It’s that simple. 

We can continue to believe that some people do need to be governed. That there need to be laws put in place to bring justice to the wicked and to avenge the righteous. But then who holds the government in an account of all their wicked deeds? The people? Guess again. If the people have given over their right to self-governing then why then would the people be listened to? The people aren’t fit, remember? 

So, here we are. In this mountain of misconceptions. Dutifully carrying out our civic obligations of picking another “flesh and blood” person to govern our affairs, and yet we are worse off than ever. Did you create the mess the world’s in? Or, did this world’s governments create the mess that we’re all in? These questions and many others are what we all need to begin asking if we all wish to break free from the belief in this current world’s reality. 

What do you believe? 

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