How You Can Achieve Your Dreams And Goals Easily


 When people speak of being in “flow”, intuitively it means that things come easy in life. There’s no stress in trying to figure things out, nor is there stress in trying to make things happen. The solutions and all collaborative components “flow” into a person’s experience unimpeded. This dynamic feels good. It feels good because being in “flow” means that we’re ultimately in-sync with the Stream of Well-Being.

While there are many streams (of thoughts) that make up our global grid or “matrix”, the Stream of Well-Being is the most dominant. This means that Well-Being is the natural state of all that exists. It is only when we choose to focus with intensity on thoughts of sickness or lack that causes us to believe that sickness and lack are the natural states of our existence. And with this belief, we readily accept that disease and poverty are natural states of our existence as well.


“Well-Being” Is The Natural State To Achieve Your Dreams And Goals

This dominant stream of Well-Being is all that there is. It is the Life-force or God force that is responsible for the rising and setting of the sun and the effortless beating of the hearts of all who walk this earth. It is the subconscious or spiritual realm that we often visit in our dream states. And it is this stream of Well-Being that we intrinsically seek to be in “flow” with.

We are all energy waves of consciousness sending out signals (thoughts/feelings) that connect with other thoughts and feelings. If thoughts of sickness (feelings of worry) are signaled most of a person’s life then most likely forms of these energies will begin to appear physically. Nothing is being done wrong, it’s just how our realm operates. Signals will eventually link up with other like-signal emissions. Take your computer, for instance. The more the keyword “tomato” is entered into the browser, the more advertisements will be in-sync with your search. You will begin to see ads for tomato products. Think tomato! Greenhouses, plant food, the “right” seed to begin with. Your thoughts/feelings contain keywords that will sync you with other keywords that have become a part of a certain stream. If thoughts/feelings of well-being are being emitted throughout each day then it won’t be long before you begin to attract the ads. These ads will begin to reflect your thoughts of well-being (feelings of appreciation) such as staying healthy while everyone else around you is getting sick, staying calm while everyone else around you is freaking out about the economy, or always having a continuous stream of cash when everyone else around you is broken. These ads become the right timing, the right people, and the right circumstances that will inevitably manifest your dreams and goals into a perfect reality.  


What Does All Of This Mean?

When we begin to understand that we send out signals that are responded to, we can then begin to see how we can create a more favorable life. Instead of believing that our thoughts and feelings are the products of our environment, we see that it is our thoughts and feelings that create our environment (experiences) and that we can begin to change our experiences the moment we choose to change our thoughts. Operating from this mindset will help to develop the “creator” in us and diminish the “reactor” in us, causing us to no longer perceive ourselves as victims of undesired circumstances.

While it is our thoughts that do create, it is our emotions or “feelings” about the thoughts we have that give them the momentum to manifest. For example, you may think about wanting more money. But, just having the thought of wanting more money will not manifest in more money. Actually, it will do the exact opposite because it is the feeling of lack due to the “wanting of it” that you are emitting that will keep the money from manifesting. But if instead, you practiced thinking about things that will generate feelings of appreciation then the emission of this energy will keep you in alignment with the flow of Well-Being which will bring to you more money and other things to appreciate. Remember, the stream of Well-Being is available to everyone because this dominant stream is all that there is. Worry, doubt, anger, and fear are emotions that create blockages that impede this steady flow, therefore creating the very things we worry, doubt, fear, and are angry about.  


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4 Replies to “How You Can Achieve Your Dreams And Goals Easily

  1. I’ve never thought about life that way – “we are all energy waves of consciousness sending out signals (thoughts/feelings) that connect with other streams of thoughts/feelings”… I find it very interesting,
    Can you recommend any book I should read about this subject? And also where I can find it

    Thank you so much for your time 🙂 Great reading

    1. I am so happy that you’ve found this article very interesting. I’m a spirit junkie so I often express my thoughts in regards to energy, vibration, and frequency. As for a book suggestion, the link on this post may be a good start. Also, by subscribing you can receive 3 ebooks per month free that will help you in your interest. Thank you for your time. Best Wishes!

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