Manifest Your Desires

Find out about the Law of Attraction from people who know how it works!

Meet Francesca Simon Founder of Charting Your Course and Sarasota Rose. Here she explains how she put to use the Law of Attraction. Watch her Quora answer video to the question “What’s The Best Thing You Have Manifested?

Meet Zakaria Oumimoun English Literature Teacher and Law of Attraction Expert. Here in this video, Zakaria explains one of the manifestation techniques called, Quantum Jumping. This technique is well known within the Law of Attraction community and has had excellent reviews. What his Quora answer video to the question “What Is The Best Law Of Attraction Story You Have Ever Heard?”  


Meet Andrea Schulman, Law of Attraction expert and founder of Raise Your Vibration Today . A former high school Psychology teacher now blogger talks of how the Law of Attraction is used in everyday life, and of how we all can become more aware of it.