Play On Words Challenge

  Play On Words Challenge

Words with the same letters that complement one another in context.


You have to be SILENT in order to LISTEN.

Most things that are taught in this world to make us SCARED are actually the SACRED things we should embrace.

It is very important to practice being the CREATOR of your own life instead of being the REACTOR to another’s. 

When we live from the HEART we become in tune with the EARTH.

Can you think of any more combinations where there are words with the same letters that complement one another in a contextual meaning? If so, share them. Let’s make it a challenge to see how long our list can grow! Put your choice in the comment box below and I will list it here along with your name!

Here are two more that were thought of:

ONE year times a billion equals an EON


Each music NOTE creates a TONE.

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