Raising Fifth Dimensional Children: Teaching By Example

Son: “See it is our thoughts that create our beliefs then it is our beliefs that dictate our behavior. Our behavior then creates our experiences and our experiences then create more thoughts, and it just goes on and on….”

I look up from a letter I’m reading from my son’s school, informing me of his poor academic performance. I just stare at him for a little while, eyes blinking occasionally. I wonder for just a second if maybe the school could actually be mistaken about this young man standing in front of me. Thought-provoking conversations like this between me and my son were common around our house, and I am to believe he’s failing school.

“Yes…and we continue to expand as it goes on and on,” I reply.

A random conversation like that does not happen often in our world. I would have even doubted the possibility of ever having a conversation like that with any of his teachers, for all that mattered. Fifth-dimensional children who have entered this Earth and who are now in our school systems, are the trailblazers to opening more minds to considering newer ways of approaching education. These trailblazers have been labeled, though. And these labels will be the ones that will help lay the foundation of a more fifth-dimensional-centered education for future generations.

Fifth-dimensional children that are arriving here on Earth are coming with more and more memory of who they are intact. Could it be then that this Earth’s educational system is just simply not connecting with and is more outdated for these children? Sadly, these youth are still put in boxes, labeled, and medicated but the truth is that these more advanced beings are coming here with more knowledge and more abilities, and our educational system is just not equipped to provide the most suitable curriculum and conducive environment for learning. So, instead of seeing that our children need to fit neatly inside an institutionalized idea, we need to begin seeing the old breaking down and newer insights brought to light and put to use.

The terms 3D/ third dimension have been thrown around more and more as of late. More people are understanding that life, in general, is basic energy and they understand too that different frequencies of energy create different dimensions.

Third-dimensional energy is a level 1 density. We are living on one of the densest planets in our galaxy. Here, in this level 1 density world, it pertains solely to duality. There have to be bad people in order for there to be good. There always have to be people at the bottom in order for there to be people on top. Everything has to be either/or. It can never just be what it is. Everything has to be separate, and life here in 3D just becomes one great big, never-ending, competitive race.

This is the world we’ve all agreed to be born into. Planet Earth is considered one of the most challenging due to its low energy vibrations, but we’ve come here to help raise the energy of this planet by raising our own.

Many can’t deny the subtle and not-so-subtle changes that have been taking place here on Earth, and many more can’t deny the changes that have been taking place within our world. From bizarre weather patterns to collapsing global economies, one would have to be pretty imperceptive to not have noticed that a very distinct energy shift is currently taking place.



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There have been many prophecies pertaining to the shift, and the Hopi prophecy may be the most well-known among many in the West. In this prophecy, the Hopi people speak of the earth’s changes, the collapse of governments, and the rise of the people. They also speak of the suffering we could cause or the beauty we could create together. They speak of the fourth and fifth emerging worlds and the signs that have already and will come to pass.

The Mayans prophesied of a Golden Age, as did the Hindus in India and the  Zulu people in South Africa when Earth and all its inhabitants would experience a giant leap in consciousness.

According to the Mayan calendar, this shift that we are currently undertaking isn’t the only shift that Earth has experienced, and most likely, won’t be the last. It was noted, that on December 21, 2012, our Earth and all of humanity were to undergo a great transformation. Unfortunately, for so many, that prediction had become another doomsday scenario. But the fact that the Mayans had prophesied that major changes (shifts) were to happen on a global scale is nothing to take at all lightly. Massive world events and Earth changes continue to take place to date, but since nothing life-altering on a global scale has happened many are choosing to ignore the fact that changes are truly happening. Could it be that the great transformation we were awaiting is this subtle, yet impacting transition from lower energies to the higher energies that we are experiencing now? And could it be that this one-time grand event is, in actuality, an ongoing process?


For the past several years, the subject of solar flares has become of great importance to the scientific community, and understandably so. Many images have been captured by NASA, and by looking at these images one can’t help but wonder about the effects these intense sun waves could be having on the Earth and on our bodies as well.

Solar Flares are huge explosions on the sun’s surface that are usually caused when energy that is stored in the sun’s electromagnetic field is released. According to scientists, in 2014, the sun had gone through an active phase of its 11-year solar cycle, called Solar Cycle 24. In February of the same year, a sunspot erupted, causing an X4.9-class solar flare. Astronomer, Tony Phillips, at that time, had been recorded as saying, “This is the strongest flare of the year so far and one of the strongest of the current solar cycle.”

update* according to scientists, the sun on Sept. 6, 2017, had just erupted the largest solar flare in 12 years and it has definitely affected Earth!

Some effects that these solar flares are having in our world are satellite damage, electrical blackouts, and computer malfunctions. But what types of effects can these solar flares be having on the Earth? The Sun, just like our Earth, is extremely active. It has its weather patterns and it has its storms, and these storms from our Sun do affect our Earth’s weather.

According to some researchers, strong solar flare activity can disrupt the Earth’s tectonic plates and trigger earthquakes. Also, some scientists have determined that four factors determine our worldwide temperatures. They are carbon dioxide levels, volcanic eruptions, the Pacific El Niño pattern, and the Sun’s activity. And based on historical evidence, global climate change including long-term periods of global cold, rainfall, drought, and other weather shifts may also be influenced by solar cycle activity.

Solar flares that enter into our Earth’s atmosphere do affect Earth’s electromagnetic field (EMF) and just like the Sun and the Earth, humans, too, have an electromagnetic field that can be affected. According to the Carlini Institute, solar activity is known to affect human consciousness. Solar flares do affect the Central Nervous System as well as the Enteric Nervous System, the equilibrium, human behavioral responses, and all mental and emotional responses. Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxious, worrisome, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, have short-term memory problems and heart palpitations, nauseous, queasy, and have prolonged head pressure resulting in headaches. Depending on the strength or weakness of a person’s EMF, each person can be affected differently. People who tend to carry around toxic emotions may weaken their electromagnetic field. In order to strengthen your EMF, examining, and understanding such negative emotions to resolve them can help.


The old paradigm of our third-dimensional world is dying. The old energies of fear, competition, greed, separation, and bullying are being brought to the surface in our world today in their most extreme manifestations to be seen and cleansed for the new energies of love, cooperation, sharing, unity and kindness to be put in its place.

Our children have witnessed how the adults in this world have operated. Now it is time that we show them, by example, a newer way of being. In order to raise healthy, fifth-dimensional children in a shifting three-dimensional world, we must:

1. Begin asking questions and doing our own research to find out as much as we can about what’s going on.
2. Withdraw more from the world around us and begin training ourselves to become more in tune with our own inner guidance.
3. Eat healthier, lighter, higher vibrational foods like green leafy vegetables, and fruits, and drink more water.
4. Turn off the televisions. Control how much negative information we allow entry into our homes as well as our own electromagnetic fields.
5. Work on removing toxic thoughts and emotions. As negative thoughts and emotions arise allow them to do so but be more conscious of them. Examine them to get to their motives. It’s very surprising what these motives can be sometimes.

In this time, right here and right now, of no “time,” we have entered a void, a zero-point energy mark where we each create our own lives in higher frequencies to then create collectively a new paradigm. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” (Hopi prophecy).

We’d love to know your thoughts. Are you witnessing more children entering our world much more evolved in their thinking?


2 Replies to “Raising Fifth Dimensional Children: Teaching By Example

  1. I have a similar experience with my own children. I have tried to open their minds and teach them who they really are and am always amazed at what they already remember and know. My daughter said to me only today, “Mummy, I had a headache today and so I sat down and said to myself “I heal myself and I’m well” and it went away”. Why don’t other people heal themselves?” Powerful stuff. I’m just grateful to be on the edges of such a shift in attention and energy and I have faith and belief that everything will work out for the best. I can’t wait for my daughters to inherit the world – they can only make a better job of it than we did, surely?

    1. Very well put. You’re right. Everything will work out for the best and we are living in exciting times! The children that are allowed to explore their own spirituality will be the inheritors because they’ll be the innovators. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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