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How would you like to know how you can serve humanity and the earth by just simply doing what you already do? We all have to shop for ourselves and our family. Some of us love to shop for fashions, unique gifts, home decor, and other items for everyday use. What if there was a way that you could help families help themselves, and help the environment at the same time, all from shopping? How would that make you feel? 

That would make you feel great! Right? Flower of Life Coach has figured out a way for many of us to shop and serve

Shopping Fair Trade products is one of the fastest growing networking tools for conscious business owners and individual/family artisans to come together for the intentions of leveling the playing field in the world of business and economic opportunities. 


Making Everyday Life Meaningful


Every day we are giving the opportunity to make not only our lives more meaningful but the lives of so many people that we encounter on a daily basis. When we begin to live more on purpose rather than living on auto-pilot, we will begin to see how much power we really do have to change our lives, our community, and our world for the better. 

Have you ever thought of making it a mission to become a conscious spender?  Conscious spending, to me, is being aware of not only how my money is being spent but the effects my dollars will have on others, the economy, and the environment for many years to come. Keeping track of our spending in that sense can seem like an impossible task but with a small amount of research, some willpower, and a goal, our hard-earned cash can begin to create a sustainable planet where everyone benefits. 

Here in this blog, I hope to get the momentum going with a few leads as to which organizations to support when it comes to supporting others and the environment. If we can deliberately place our energy into movements that matter, we can begin to build a more meaningful life and a more sustainable future through fair trade

  What Is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a structured ideology that has been put in place to build a more attainable means for individuals, families, and communities who have been marginalized by unfair international economic practices. Fair Trade provides opportunities for small business owners and artisans to share their skills, trade, and crafts with the world by tackling issues of exploitation by promoting safe working conditions and fair pay. This is done by fostering healthy relationships between the producers, buyers, and suppliers. 

Fair Trade not only empowers producers all over the world, but it also empowers the consumers, creating opportunities to choose how and where the money is spent, and by creating more opportunities to raise the awareness needed for a cleaner environment. 


Fair Trade Federation (FTF) looks to help create a just and sustainable global economic system when the purchasing and production of products are made with the well-being of people and the environment in mind., FTF intends to create a world where all people have viable economic options to meet their own needs. :

 Minga Fair Trade Imports  is helping to improve the economic lives of small producers in South America in the hopes of promoting stronger relationships with their retail counterparts by promoting fair trade commerce and intercultural education. Minga Fair Trade Imports is a small business helping small businesses.

 Green America     builds communities with economic power in mind. This approach strengthens consumers, businesses, investors, and the economy, all to create an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable society.

Aid to Artisans

 Aid to Artisans     create opportunities for low-income artisans around the world to build profitable businesses inspired by handmade traditions. Aid to Artisans offers accessibility to new economic opportunities, training in business, eco-safe processes and design through a community of partners to promote sustainable growth and community well-being. 

How Flower of Life Coach Helps


Helping others help others is the Flower of Life Coach mission. We are all people with dreams and passions, and in a lot of cases, these passions are never realized due to the fact that most of us are caught up into this ongoing cycle of “craziness” of just simply surviving from one paycheck to the next. Who has time to realize a dream?

But that’s why we’re here? Isn’t it? To realize our highest potential in the physical form from the thoughts we have of who we can become. All energy will turn into something. As above, so below. So, if you’re not focused on what you want your energy to become, over time because this energy is not properly placed, your very own energy will end up working more against you than for you. 

Of course, it’s not practical to quit your job tomorrow to follow your passion. But this is unfortunately where the realist gets stuck. Not everything has to make sense, at the moment. We could also argue that it’s just as impractical for a person to not even try fulfilling at least one passion in his or her lifetime. Couldn’t we?

Flower of Life Coach sets out to support such endeavors, attempting to help people realize their passions. This properly places creative energy in its right place, ensuring that the energy of every community, in the long run, will work entirely for the community’s growth. Do you have passionate ideas you’d wish to get out into the world but unsure of where and how to begin? Get started  today!



 Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation 


Dedicated to combat the negative impact that poverty plays in Colombia of teenage pregnancy, poor health, and the high risk of infant mortality. Click here for more information on this foundation

Other Charities Flower of Life Coach supports:

 FAIR TRADE Certified 



Make your money matter. Purchase With A Purpose

We are also proud partners to our fair trade affiliates, and by sharing these affiliate products within our blogs we are helping to promote great quality handmade merchandise with the purpose of becoming a part of this growing market platform for individual/family artisans who wouldn’t have gained the much-needed exposure otherwise. Make your money matter by shopping on our Purchase With A Purpose page.

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