Simplify Your Life

How Meditation Can Benefit Your Sex Life

Embracing your partner with the sole intention of allowing him/her to know you intimately is what it’s all about. Is it not? An artist allows the world to know him/her intimately by sharing their innermost being, and any true artist will first go within to come to know their true self before expressing it.

How to Make a New Habit Stick

Forming new habits can be intimidating at times, but they really don’t have to be. We all have moments where we yearn to change certain aspects of our lives for the better. This could be in the way of eating healthier, drinking more water, meditating, saving money, making more friends, getting out more, the list can go on and on. The fact is, there are so many areas in our lives that can be improved and made a whole lot simpler if only we created new habits.

5 Ways to Find Freedom in Imperfection

Imperfection, believe it or not, is not the opposite of perfection, Instead, imperfection is the state of acceptance of self through love. Without seeing who you truly are, you would never know what’s necessary to change as well as what’s necessary to keep.

How To Give Your Best in Any Situation

To give your best when others give their worst will be a challenge at first. Hopefully by making a few adjustments to your perception, readily presenting the highest version of yourself in any situation, over time, will become a lot easier. 

Walking: The Perfect Low-Impact Exercise

Since the quarantine, many Americans have probably put on a few extra pounds, and now that summer has come and is just about at its end, we need some practical ways to continue to shed that unwanted, extra weight to start feeling confident again. 

7 Ways To Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Changes can be made at any given moment in time. So what can we do to free ourselves from these impending anxieties? Here are 7 healthy and practical ways to unplug and overcome this global plague called “chronic stress”.


How To Put Yourself First and Be OK

Unworthiness Syndrome is a disorder that causes a person to see him or herself as not adequate or deserving of happiness. This disorder causes those inflicted to put their life on hold for the sake of others. It’s a counterproductive way of living, absolutely. And the majority of humans on this planet think that this is how life is supposed to be lived.

Change Begins With You

Together we can all make the change we seek. And as we continue to align our thoughts and actions with LOVE, the most powerful energy known in the Universe, we will create our world anew! 

10 Powerful Affirmations That Will Shift Your Life

Take the 21-Day Challenge! Say these affirmations (out loud) for 21 days and watch your life transform!

How Rituals Can Help To Achieve Your Goals

In the past, some rituals required some sacrifice. Thankfully, a lot of the requirements over the years have shifted into far less extreme sacrifices but all intentions or goals still to this day require some sacrifice when performing rituals.