Thinking Outside Of The Concept

How The Aboriginal Americans Will Get Reparations

Reparations are important for those who have not only been discriminated against but who have suffered from physical and mental genocide. In order for a people to repair the damage that has been done and/or is still being inflicted, it is crucial that the injured or damaged group/people have the necessary economic, political, and social institutions put in place to provide meaningful restitution. Such institutions must be conceptualized, established, and operated by the Aboriginal Americans seeking said reparations.

Are We Living in a Simulated Reality?

A paradigm shift from fear to love will not come all at once. We will begin to transform into it gradually. Conceptual shifting, like everything else around us, is vibrational. To remain in lower vibrations such as resistance, hate, anger, and fear will pose an immense amount of difficulty when attempting to shift.





How To Change Your Belief in This Current World Reality

The people of the world are at a crossroads right now. Do we continue down the same path? Or, do we change our path for a future that’s brighter, and that includes everyone? Respecting everyone and our planet. Some people will receive these words as nothing more than just naivete. That we are already doomed and there’s no saving us. To an extent, that is true. But this is where it gets deep.




How To Prepare For The End of the World (Not What You Think)

How much control does an individual really have over their “tomorrow”? As a result of natural and man-made disasters, constant news coverage about every moment, and the idea that life can end in an instant, anxiety continues to rise. Being constantly in survival mode is not sustainable. Eventually, one of the fears is going to manifest in its natural form. It must, be because emotion is energy, and when a natural flow of energy is slowed or even stopped, it will eventually manifest (external and/or internal) into a physical blockage or mass.





How To Stay the Course While Everyone Else is Jumping Ship

Whether we are aware of this or not, each moment of every day, we all do make a choice to be at peace or to worry. Since it is much easier to slide into lower emotional energies, we must try with all of our power to refrain from sources that open doors to fearful thinking. Making decisions from a fear-based mindset will only compound more problems which in turn creates more worry and anxiety. 







Spiritual Growth – Always Shifting

The terms “conspiracy” and “theory” are misunderstood a great deal here in America because we’ve been either purposely or accidentally misguided into believing that, when placed together, these two words become a really bad thing. And without knowing its actual intent. To “conspire” means – to perform in unison an act or act to bring about a set goal







Raising Fifth-Dimensional Children: Teaching by Example

Third-dimensional energy is a level 1 density. We are living on one of the densest planets in our galaxy. Here, in this level 1 density world, it pertains solely to duality. There have to be bad people in order for there to be good. There always have to be people at the bottom in order for there to be people on top. Everything has to be either/or. It can never just be what it is. Everything has to be separate, and life here in 3D just becomes one great big, never-ending, competitive race.






5 Easy Ways To Change The World

For the dreamers who know their power and choose to use their amazing strengths to channel into reality a more loving, tolerant, and peaceful world, let us all stay encouraged to continue being the much-needed conduit for its creation.

Raising and maintaining your own individual vibration isn’t easy, so here are 5 useful tips to help make the task a little less daunting:






Leadership For a Changing World

It is time for you (you know who you are) and I to stand up strong and tall in a fierce intent to shift our lives and this world completely from the old, destructive energies to the new, life-affirming energies. We are the mid-wives assisting in this difficult but glorious birth of a brand new world to come. Are you with me?