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We could not be living in a more intelligent time than today. The ‘Information Age’ as we now know it has given us more opportunities to make, in an instant, connections with our family, friends, teachers, doctors, you name it. Everything and everyone is right at our fingertips. So, is it any wonder that we, too, now have immediate access to creating a means of earning an awesome living right from the comfort of our own homes?


Coaching Tip

First, before you begin your trek to becoming your own boss and filling out a different set of tax forms, give yourself a self-assessment to find out what it is you’d like to do. Take a few minutes to sit down and write out what really interests you. Do you enjoy researching and writing about different topics on the internet? Do you like sales? Or, do you prefer helping people solve product-related problems? Are you a true entrepreneur at heart and have always wanted to own an online franchise? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then I hope that the following home-based business ideas listed here will help to get you moving in the right direction.

Do this every day and watch your business grow into a HUGE SUCCESS!

The Popularity of Becoming an e-Franchise Owner


The term e-Franchise is a fairly new term that is becoming more mainstream among both the young and old enterprising communities. At one time, the idea of owning a branch-off business meant having to establish a physical locale, but today’s online business opportunities are allowing people of a variety of interests to set up shop in their own homes with ease. Of course, owning a business can be somewhat costly and it can also be quite time-consuming, but not all franchises need a large cash investment nor do they require a lot of time to operate. For some, all you will need to get started is to have an interest in the market, a small amount of capital, and the will to make your business a huge success. Listed here are several low-cost, home-based, online franchising ideas.


Learn How To Become A Virtual Assistant



Chloe and Isabel

Chloe & Isabel is a jewelry merchandising company that offers a unique opportunity for those who are interested in owning and operating their own online social retail franchise. CEO and founder, Chantel Waterbury, formed  Chloe & Isabel, with the main purpose of empowering the modern entrepreneur by combining the essentials of eCommerce, direct sales, and social networking.

In business for just five short years, Chloe & Isabel has managed to grow into a multi-million dollar industry and has come to serve as a beacon for newer upcoming merchandising companies, reinventing the approach of direct sales for today’s modern media age. 

Here’s How It Works

The interested merchandiser must first apply and go through an interview or peer-selected process before being selected. Once you’ve been selected, an initial investment of $175 will get you a kit filled with Chloe & Isabel’s fashion jewelry worth $700. Along with the kit, you’ll also receive your own customized online franchise, an exclusive URL, marketing training, social media tools, 30%-50% off of all future orders, and for perks, you’ll receive fabulous, free jewelry and fun-filled trips. You can choose to work part-time, full-time, or become a merchandiser leader. All vendors will receive a 25%-40% commission on all sales and on occasion cash bonuses to commemorate certain achievements.

To increase your earning capacity, no recruiting is required since this is not a multi-level marketing business. Your earning potential is strictly based on your ability to market yourself and your product with as much creativity as possible. Many young entrepreneurs have created very successful franchises by launching online pop-up shops, posting fashion pics on Instagram, or by just simply hosting events. It will be your own business to reach whatever goal you choose to set for yourself. There’s no limit to the success you can create!

Constant Content


If you enjoy writing and love the idea of having the freedom to write about anything you desire, Constant Content is an excellent platform for freelance writers to show off their literary skills.

Constant Content has been around for over 10 years and has grown to become one of the internet’s acclaimed forums for purchasing tens of thousands of authentic pre-written articles. Primarily, Constant Content focuses on providing content tailored specifically to client needs and requests, and by doing so they have connected more than 100,000 writers to over 50,000 businesses and organizations worldwide.

Getting Started

When applying to become a freelance writer for Constant Content, you will first need to fill out the author registration form. On this form, you will give information relating to education, certifications, skills, and areas of expertise. Once you’ve completed this portion of the registration, you will be asked to agree to their terms and conditions. Afterward, you will be directed to take a very short quiz consisting of five questions on grammar usage and other content-oriented topics. The final step in the registration process is to submit a writing sample regarding a random topic given. Keep in mind that you will be able to request a new topic if, for any reason, you find that you are uncomfortable with the initial one.


Once you’ve completed the registration, you will be required to set up a PayPal account. All payments to writers will be made via PayPal which means that every sale made will be posted and made available to you immediately (authors earn 65% from each transaction). Constant Content’s fee is keeping 35% of the proceeds which is applied toward promotions, editing, author referrals, advertising, and more.

Earning potential with Constant Content, of course, will vary as with any freelance medium. The more you write SEO-friendly, high-quality content, the better your chances of acquiring a relatively decent income. When setting the price for an article that you have written, it is best to adhere to a template of price ranges that Constant Content offers for the number of words you are submitting. On average, the price can run between $0.08 – $0.12 per word, generating approximately $40 -$60 per article.

While Constant Content is not the only measure of making money as a freelance writer, it may very well be one of the fastest ways to get started to earning the home-based income that you desire.



To begin, pick a nice quiet area in your home where you know you will not be disturbed. Whether it is the study, bedroom, or kitchen, any area of your home is fine as long as the area you’ve chosen is free from any background noises such as conversation, traffic, pet noises, TV, cell phones, doorbells, etc.

What You Will Need to Set Up Your Home Business:


  • A corded telephone (landline) is needed for this job. That means a corded phone that can be plugged into a wall phone jack and that has a place to plug in a headset (no cellular or wireless phones accepted). You will also need a corded headset that will plug directly into the corded telephone. It should be noted that LiveOps does not supply any technical support, troubleshooting, or equipment for your home-based business startup.

Tip: For easier setup, most agents purchase the phone and headset together instead of separately. Headset phones can be purchased online or at a retail store in your area.


Your landline phone should have service with your local telephone company, or a digital telephone service like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, or other similar companies.

  • For your home-based business, you will need a laptop or desktop computer that is connected to the internet by a Cable Modem or DSL and meets other listed requirements. No wireless connection is accepted!

How To Get Started With LiveOps

To apply to be a LiveOps Agent, there are 9 steps to complete. It may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. The first step is to select an Agent Opportunity which is to work in either Inbound Sales, Insurance Claims, Insurance Sales, Healthcare, Customer Service, or Roadside Service, or all. Once you’ve selected your area of interest you begin the application, assessment, and questionnaire, and take a voice audition. No worries, it’s really easy so don’t be intimidated by the process. Usually, within the next business day, or two, you will receive an invitation to contract with LiveOps and will be asked to complete paperwork as well as sign the contract. Next, you will be asked to complete a background and credit check. This you will have to pay for yourself. Normally, the cost is $65.00 but could be more depending on where you live, or have lived. After completing and passing your background and credit check, you will be asked to complete an Onboarding Certification (to certify you in your selected interest) then you can start taking calls.

As a LiveOps Agent or Independent Contractor, you can work part-time or full-time. Time blocks can be set to as little as 30 minutes, and you can choose to work at any time of day. Earnings is entirely based on performance and on the volume you choose to provide. The rate of pay does vary from client to client. Some clients will pay a base rate plus commission, some pay entirely on commission, and some will pay a straight talk rate of 25 cents per minute.

Agents are responsible for submitting their own invoices via an easy online LiveOps system and can receive payment by direct deposit or check. All agents are paid twice per month. Interested in becoming a LiveOps Agent? Join the LiveOps Team Now!

While there are plenty of money-making opportunities available online, and I have made use of quite a few of them, I am not in any way claiming that any one of these home-based businesses will make anyone an overnight success. Normally, it takes months or even years to generate a self-supporting income, but it’s not at all impossible with some persistence and a lot of creativity.


More Work From Home Jobs:

  1. SiteSwan Website Builder – is one of the up-and-coming business trends needing little to no experience. Since large and small businesses globally are looking for a simplistic and inexpensive way to get their businesses online, owning your own website builder franchise is a smart way to ensure your future by becoming a part of a steadily growing $24 billion dollar industry. 
  2. {Munch} – will definitely be one of the top online, income-earning potentials in the next 2-5 years. The set-up model is to easily get businesses to sign up for your online ordering service, easily create interactive menus, pay an affordable monthly fee (depending on the package you choose), and keep 100% of your sales. It’s that easy.ed2go
  3. SocialOwl – is designed to help other businesses create and maintain their own social media brand and reputation. As a social media promoter, you will help other businesses succeed by organizing sweepstakes offers as well as setting up social marketing deals.
  4. MobileStamp – is a loyalty business app and as owner, you will help businesses retain customer loyalty with mobile punch card/reward platforms. You can also create a website with great deals from top companies. 


Check back for more articles on how to earn an income through home-based businesses and how to stay positively motivated throughout the process. 

  • Come up with blog topics that have a long shelf life
  • Create engaging blog posts that will make your site go viral
  • Market your blog inexpensively and effectively
  • Become a successful Affiliate Marketer and more

We would love to have your feedback. Please leave us your comments below. 





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8 Replies to “Not Sure What To Do? Make Money From Home

  1. You have some great tips in this article. I was going to try to work with liveops a long time ago but I had a young child at the time and didn’t really think I could keep my environment quiet enough. Constant content is neat, I never heard of them so I am definitely interested in checking them out for later.

    1. Thank you very the awesome comment! Yes, Constant Content is a great platform for writers. They are very committed to providing high quality content for their clients so are very helpful with grammar checking and offering great suggestions for better content. I’ve made a lucrative income with them. The potential is awesome if you’re dedicated.

  2. Very nice post with lots of great ideas. I love the term e-franchise. In today’s busy world, working from home to balance your life is the best idea ever.

    1. Isn’t it? It’s about using modern day tools for our benefit. I love too that the internet offers so many different options and it forces us all to be as creative as we can possibly be. The possibilities appear to be endless!

  3. What a great article! You really made it easy for those who want to work at home to choose from a variety of options, and it’s the first time to hear about the e-franchise, it’s really interesting, are there other companies that offer an e-franchise to their products? let’s say in the field of dieting and weight loss?

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this article. As for an efranchise in dieting and weight loss, I haven’t ran across any other than franchises where you’ll have to set up a physical location. But I’ll keep you in mind if I run across anything like that.

  4. Brilliant article, thanks so much for posting! I’ve been endlessly researching different ways to work from home after a recent injury and sadly I’ve come across a great many scams. But these companies you mention look legit and I can’t wait to give Constant Content a try as I really love to write and I’ve never heard of them before. Best wishes :). .

    1. Your welcome Oliver. And yes, there are some scams out there but there are plenty of legitimate resources available. I’ve tried so many, some were a waste of time but I try to be careful about giving any company a bad rap. Just because I didn’t prosper in one area doesn’t mean someone else won’t as well. The same is true for companies I’ve made lots of money from. It may or may not work. It’s really about the creativity one puts into making money online. Thanks for commenting!

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