We Are Powerful Creators

You are a powerful creator


When I was a child I couldn’t wait to grow up and do all of the things adults could do. Adults could do anything they wanted, I thought. So, why did so many of them appear to be so depressed? I made a promise to myself that once I became an adult I would do all of the things that I wanted, and would try to be as happy as I could be.

When I turned 17, I kept my promise to myself. I practically dropped the “obligatory” mindset we are conditioned to feel is necessary to becoming a responsible adult and shifted to focusing more on my feelings. If it didn’t feel good to my soul, I looked for something that did. By 19, I had moved out and into my first apartment.  My roommate and I loved to cook and entertain, so we were known to have hosted social gatherings almost every weekend. The weekends that we weren’t hosting, we traveled. Life was colorful and exciting back then. 

By the time I had reached 21, I was close to being a pro at manifesting what I wanted in my life. Things that I thought about literally just showed up. Getting jobs came to be easy, and before I knew it my confidence in my ability to create anything I wanted became a natural state of existence for me. 


This Is Where It Gets Interesting


One morning while driving to work, I had heard an announcement on the radio that Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers were going to be performing that evening in a neighboring city. I was a huge fan of Ziggy’s music at the time and there was no way I wasn’t going to be there.


At 4:30, I clocked out then headed down the highway. It was a warm, sunny summer day, an excellent day for a road trip. By the time I had reached Cincinnati I knew the name of the venue that had been announced again on the radio. Immediately I began asking around for the directions (this was before cell phones and GPS).


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By 6:45 pm, I had reached my destination but I had no ticket. Oh well! My inner-being didn’t care, and neither did I. I knew I was going to see Ziggy and the Melody Makers sing that evening and I was going to have an awesome time! As I approached the entrance of the venue, two cops stood outside. “Excuse me, miss”, one of the cops said to me. “We confiscated this ticket earlier and we were just wondering if you’d like to have it?”




There’s nothing we can NOT create when we are aware of our ability to create. After all, we are all powerful creators, and it’s time we remember. 


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Have you had a similar experience? Leave a comment below. I Would love to read about some of your experiences with consciously creating with the Law of Attraction! 


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  1. The Law of Attraction! Love it! I’m not sold that life will always pan out this way for everyone who attempts to think something into existence. However, I love the positivity. Thanks for sharing!

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