What Is The Flower Of Life?

Interest in the mystic Flower of Life has increased substantially among the public over the past 10-15 years. Even though its symbolism has been around practically since the beginning of time, the search for what it is exactly and its meaning has begun to quickly permeate the minds of many. Known also as the Seed of Life, this image has gained its significance due to its literal appearance in everything found here on Earth.


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Ancient civilizations have always known that everything on Earth contains this geometric pattern. From everything in the cosmos to the beginning formation of a fetus in the mother’s womb, this pattern is the essence of all creation. When this pattern is studied and deeply understood, you will come to see why this symbol is known as the Flower of Life.


Flower of Life Image Is A Global Phenomena

The image of the Flower of Life is a global phenomenon and can be found in many places around the world. And remarkably in all places, this symbol was known by the same names, the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life, or the Genesis Pattern. It is believed that the formation of the circles within a circle represents the creation of the universe, and the six-petaled flower in the center signifies the time frame in which the universe was completed (six days). This time frame is mentioned in many sacred texts around the world.

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Flower of Life Image Displayed Throughout Creation

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Most flowers contain this sacred geometrical pattern.


This image on the right shows the different stages an embryo goes through in development. Humans, also, begin with the Genesis Pattern. 



CC by SA 3.0

The atom, as well, shows the geometrical design of the Flower of Life. Everything that exists in the universe is formed from this esoteric, algorithmic pattern.


The Flower of Life is consists of every mathematical equation, harmonic note in music, every life form, and every atom. It is the symbolism of life’s eternal cycle. This pattern is not referred to as a flower because of the flower the design displays. It is called a flower because it represents the natural phase of a fruit tree. A flower blooms on a cherry fruit tree which goes through a transformation turning into a fruit. The cherry has a seed inside, the cherry falls to the ground, causing another cherry tree to grow. The cycle of eternal life in action.

Knowing the information about the Flower of Life could help each of us in our daily lives. When we understand that everything that exists contains this same pattern, we will begin to see that we and everything on this Earth are all connected. We will also see that the eternal message given will cause us to want to look deeper into our own lives, and seek to connect spiritually with all living. Life is an amazing adventure, and when we intentionally seek life’s secrets, it soon becomes enticing and fun.

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  1. Loved this article. I’ve always looked at the world from a geometric perspective and it peaks my interest to learn how things are connected. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thanks for reading Misti. Personally I am infatuated with numbers, geometry, and physics. I could talk for hours about those kinds of subjects. Anything I can pick apart and put back together captures my interest.

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