Journey Into the World of Healing Sound Frequency

Since everything here on Earth is literally energy in motion, it may also be safe to say that our health, too, is in constant fluctuation depending on, of course, where our energy signature vibrates. The higher the frequency at which our energy vibrates, the healthier our bodies will be. This is no longer speculation, as experts are now understanding the connection between the pulsating, rhythmic pattern of our living planet, and the well-being of all life.  

Under the scope of modern-day science, ancient Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, and Egyptian cultures are now revealing that the pyramids were not only specifically built to reflect the positions of the star and planetary systems but were also created to simulate the harmonic orifices and chakras of the human body. Remarkable findings have also revealed that even the sarcophagus at the center of the Great Pyramid is modulated to mimic the rhythmic frequency of the human heart. Acoustics research today in pyramids shows that the architecture of the Egyptian burial chambers and chapels was designed to produce a more resonating element to amplify ceremonial chanting. The Egyptians understood that there are exact frequencies in which the Universe is arranged.  And these exact frequencies, when orchestrated, will pave the way to the guiding forces of truth, light, and healing.


Ancient Traditions of Healing Sound Frequency


Rattles and drums are two of the earliest known instruments ever to be used among human beings. The high-

frequency ultrasounds produced by the rattle and the low-frequency sounds produced by the drum are both noted to promote and accelerate healing. The djembe, known also as the talking or healing drum, originating from as far back as 500 A.D. from the region we now know as West Africa, is understood to closely emulate the tones and rhythms of the spoken word in communication. These particular sounds, still created by very few highly-skilled artists today, are considered dialogue in which the cells of the body understand what’s being relayed to them for rapid cell regeneration.


The indigenous people of Australia are the ones who are best known, in today’s modern world, for their ability to heal with sound. Their ancient healing tool, the yidaki, known today as the ‘didgeridoo’, has been used for over 35,000 years and has been successful in healing a wide variety of ailments, wounds, mental illnesses, and even broken bones. The musical sounds made by this ancient instrument are understood to be in exact alignment with the rediscovery of modern-day ultrasound healing technologies that are presently being used among many of our healthcare professionals today.  


As time progressed, many great physicians continued to use healing sound frequency as a means to heal their patients. In ancient Greece, the lyre and flute were the two most predominant instruments Pythagoras used to heal his patients. And in the Greco-Roman era, healing temples or sanatoria were built of solid stone where acoustics would be played for a more therapeutic mitigating experience.  


The Earth’s/Body’s Natural Healing Sound Frequency is tuned at 432Hz/528Hz


The 432 Hertz (528Hz) has been known by many ancient cultures to be the “frequency of healing” and scientists today are seeing, too, that 432Hz can be used to repair DNA that has been damaged, as well. The 528Hz is considered the “miracle” note of the solfeggio scale and many have come to believe that it is one of nine essential frequencies of the “Perfect Circle of Sound” that materializes into our reality of physical life.


The efforts to clean up the petro-toxins in the Gulf of Mexico by using the 528Hz tone have proven to be nothing short of miraculous. Canadian researchers have found out that by taking small samples of oil-polluted water and applying audio and radio wave frequencies, astounding results do take place. The pollutants of the water do actually de-materialize.  Unfortunately, the government continues to rely on a chemical oil dispersant that is now being linked to why wildlife, plants, and people in the surrounding areas are now becoming sick, as well as some even dying.


The late Japanese author and International researcher, Dr. Emoto, had also conducted and filmed numerous experiments showing how water’s molecular formation can be re-structured by just simply sending the water certain vibrational intentions. When a frequency of “hate”, “fear” or “anger” is placed on the water, the water’s molecular makeup becomes a form of distorted water crystals. The frequency of love or compassion/528Hz, when focused, creates beautiful snowflake-like crystals with some even containing visible messages.




How Healing Sound Frequency Is Used Today




Vibroacoustic techniques or Sound Therapy have certainly had their slow beginnings in being recognized by the medical industry, but this method of healing is now definitely on the rise in today’s recreational and rehabilitative therapies.  Studies have shown that patients with health conditions like cancer, lung and heart disease, mood disorders, and other chronic illnesses do experience a reduction in symptoms, pain, and side effects of up to 53% by undergoing a 15-20 minute session of sound therapy each week.  Many of the sound therapy sessions consist of the patient lying on a chair or bed with built-in speakers, each using low sound frequencies that allow the patient to both hear and physically feel the sounds coming from the device.


 Other sessions are of a more traditional setting consisting of Tibetan Singing Bowls used for cellular alignment. These low sound vibrations are known to increase cellular regeneration and stamina which is proving to be beneficial for both the physiological and mental components of the human body. With findings like these and knowing that music alone can relieve discomfort and anxiety, it’s no wonder that sound therapy is also rapidly capturing the attention of many professionals in the world of mental health.


The body is an amazing orchestra of molecular resonance, electrochemical frequencies, and patterns.  Each cell produces its own tone to contribute to a larger symphony of symbiotic vibrational networks.  Some researchers are coming to understand that different organs and systems in the body do have their own natural resonating frequency and that disease becomes a factor for any organ or system when those same frequencies become unstable.  The frequencies in a system or organ of a body can weaken or rise causing, in some cases, hypo/hyper-active conditions, mania, and depression.


Whether by sound, thought, or feeling, the frequency in which vibrations are sent and received can play a huge role in anyone’s health.  Just as being mindful of certain foods needed to remain healthy, it’s as equally important to be mindful of the thoughts, feelings and sounds we entertain on a daily basis.  We are vibrating molecular beings living on a vibrating molecular planet. Helping to restore Earth’s natural healing frequency and consciously raising our own to a state of well-being, will ensure a healthy living environment for all life forms.



Have any questions, comments, or an experience you would like to share about your journey into the world of healing sound frequency, please write them in the comment box below.

8 Replies to “Journey Into the World of Healing Sound Frequency

  1. I totally agree with everything you have written here. It is kind of eerie because I am practicing the exact premise to my life. Self-Awareness and an open is key. When you believe in yourself and follow your heart, you will release negative energy and build on your And in doing so you can start the manifestation of your dreams

    1. Yes! Thank you for your comment, Maurice. Many people are becoming aware of this premise that our thoughts do create things but it is the following of our hearts that will create the life that so many of us desire. That all is energy and operating from this understanding will make us more conscientious of our thoughts and actions.

  2. This is too interesting. I have never known that sound had a healing effect on the human body but when you said it even affected polluted water that really blew my mind. It is amazing how the universe has things that have an effect on other things that are here on earth. A very informative post I appreciate the information.

    1. Thank you Ronnie for reading and commenting. Yes, the universe in which we live is a fascinating place especially when learning so much about it. Everything is energy, including you and I, so we all affect everything around and each other.

  3. I found this article fascinating and love reading articles like this where you learn so much. I must say that I’m happy to hear that the medical industry is starting to recognise the benefits of ancient healing techniques. I believe that they can learn from these methods and improve on them with modern technology.

    I read a book once that spoke of using your thoughts and emitting a frequency to be , do and have what you visualise. I imaging this is the same frequency that you are speaking of for healing?

    1. I am glad you found this article fascinating. Thanks for reading and commenting. As more and more people are understanding that everything is energy including ourselves, it’s becoming clearer now that we can now deliberately create our lives the way that we want them to be. So yes you’re right that it’s all the same including healing ourselves. Thoughts and feelings can create sickness just as they can heal. Sounds, smells, all things have a vibration that will either match with our thoughts and feelings or not. So it is important to surround ourselves with things that make us feel really good. Thanks again for your thoughts on this.

  4. This was an education I did not see coming! It is not only fascinating, it is a welcome twist on the way we think about things. I have always disliked noise or at least those sounds that are cacophonous and will start listening to sounds with greater intensity.

    1. Hello Tanya. Yes, the more I study energy and frequency, the more fascinating it all is, and the more clarity I receive in understanding how everything interacts and affects each other. Thanks for stopping by )

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